My Favorite Guilt-Free Treats

Tips for Finding Guilt-Free Treats and Rewards: Drink Something Cozy

I’ve been deep into Gretchin Rubin’s Happier podcast lately, and she said something in one of the more recent episodes that really stuck out to me: Treat Yo’Self but Don’t Say YOLO. The idea of “Treat Yo’Self” is from Parks & Recreation. Every year Tom and Donna have a “Treat Yo’Self” day where they treat themselves to… 

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12 Spectacular Christmas Books

12 Fantastic Christmas Books - Old favorites and some brand new ones to add to your collection!

Many families, it seems, have a tradition of reading books around Christmas. Sometimes that means 24 wrapped books under the tree that you unwrap one at a time each day leading up to Christmas. Sometims that’s a 12 days before Christmas thing, or a handful of special favorites. In my house growing up, there were… 

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Five Fact Friday

Five Fact Friday - She's getting so big!

1. So fun to watch. I love watching my kids enjoy something they love. Whether it’s Sophie twirling at dance class or Milo playing with cars at Target or car-shaped puzzles at Barnes and Noble. Last weekend, we went back to a train park in Scottsdale and the kids had such a fantastic time. The park… 

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Our Best Thanksgiving Recipes

Amazing recipes for Thanksgiving. Plenty of delicious recipes, many with a healthy twist!

Thanksgiving is a week away! Do you have your menu planned? What are you in charge of? I’ve got a fairly short list this year for our gathering with Michael’s family. I’m roasting a chicken, a fruit plate (shaped like a turkey), the sweet potatoes, some corn muffins, and a few pies.  As I was… 

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November Faves

November Favorites - Things We Love Lately.

This month is flying by! I’ve been caught up in all the holiday planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and even some projects for January(!), which has definitely kept me on my toes. With all that fun in mind, here are a few things we love lately…

Five Fact Friday

Five Fact Friday - a Little Special to Take You Into the Weekend.

1. The funnies. I can’t get enough of the funny things kids say, and I think I’ll be really, really sad when my kids stop saying “baff” for “bath.” A few other favorites at the moment… Peep the cat = Pete the Cat Vitaminute = Vitamin Browned = Brown Hippo Miss Potamus = Hippopotomus Pickups… 

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Family Pictures + Loving What Is

Family Pics Sm

I gave a peek at family pictures last week on Instagram, and I’ve been looking over them for a week now, just sort of gathering my thoughts and thinking about the pictures. Family pictures are quite an ordeal no matter how many people or what ages there are in your family. Pictures with easily distracted… 

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