Baby’s Felt Quiet Book

Felt Quiet Book I One Lovely Life

It’s been a funky few weeks.

By funky, I mean a few things. The first is that I spent a week “off” of being sick. In a funk. The second is that I spent the next two weeks-ish elbow deep in felt and needles and thread and “watch instantly” shows on Netflix.

This second sort of funky resulted in a felt garland for baby’s room and a few good cries on the couch during shows where someone I didn’t want to die does, or two people I want to be together aren’t, or where two people who you KNOW have been meant to be together FINALLY tell each other how they feel and live happily ever after. You know, the sort of thing my heart would usually just ache for, but during my third trimester of pregnancy induces tears which then cause me to laugh out loud at the fact that I’m crying which makes me cry harder. It’s all very complicated. Funky, even.

Oh, and did I mention I finished a quiet book?

Felt Quiet Book I One Lovely Life Anyone who reads this blog (or even just this post, for that matter) knows I’m a crazy person. One of my crazy habits is that I LOVE hand-sewing with felt. Don’t ask me why–I just find it relaxing and satisfying. I’ve made a few of these before, but it was really fun to make one FOR MY OWN BABY.

(Can you believe that she’ll probably be here in 8 weeks? I can’t either.)

Anyway, I thought I’d give you a quick look through the book. We kept it gender-neutral so that it wasn’t too girly if our next baby is a boy. Prepare yourself for lots of pictures…

Lion (lots of different textures and colors in the mane to touch)
Lion Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Lion Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Alligator (mouth zips open and closed)
Alligator Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Alligator Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Frog (tongue can catch flies)
Frog Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Frog Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Butterfly (wings can flap)
Butterfly Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Butterfly Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Fish (can snap on and off the page, or twirl around on a snap to spin in a circle)
Fish Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Fish Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Owl (baby owl hiding under a wing)
Owl Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Owl Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Monkey (banana peels to open)
Monkey Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Monkey Quiet Book Page I One Lovely Life
Back Cover
Animal Quiet Book I One Lovely Life

Which page is your favorite? I can’t get enough of that owl page. I love it!

Update: Thank you to everyone who has asked if I have a pattern. I didn’t use or make one. I sketched it out on paper, then traced onto the felt before cutting.


  1. Aunt Kelly says

    Oh, they are ALL my favorite!!! Of course I’m partial to the lion, the alligator, the frog and the fish–but the addition of the owl and monkey are adorable!

    I feel for your third-trimester tears–I regularly found myself crying at commercials (from which, of course, you are mercifully spared by Netflix)! Ah, the joys.

    We can’t wait to welcome your sweet baby girl!

  2. Alyssa Paul says

    I love the lion page!! So colorful and so many ribbons. I am jealous of your awesome talent, I don’t really know how to hand sew very well, and I don’t know how to work with felt at all. Why don’t we live closer right now!?

  3. Alyssa Paul says

    Oh, and I am the same way with shows sometimes. While I was catching up on Psych (do you watch that show?) I was in complete agony every episode wanting Shawn and Juliet to get together. And I’ve been watching Scrubs (not the best, but still gets a laugh sometimes) and whenever somebody dies in the hospital I get so choked up! That really gets me.

  4. says

    This is awesome! I have a 21 month old and have been working on an alphabet felt book for her. I am now up to F. I keep saying that I better get more done or she will get to kindergarten and only know a-f. Yours is so darling. I love all of the little details. I do not like hand sewing, so mine is done with as much machine as possible. I may have to steal your lion idea for L!! That is my favorite!!

  5. Cassey says

    Gah! The cuteness is just too much. I so wish I had the time to make one of these. This is just precious! Great job! I love the lion.

    • says

      Cassey–I didn’t actually use a pattern… I just kind of sketched something on a piece of paper, then cut it out and traced around it on the felt. I’d LOVE to figure out how to MAKE a pattern so I could share it. I’m just not very familiar with how to do that sort of thing. If I figure it out though, I promise to post it here!

  6. katie weston says

    Emily, that is a true work of art. I wish I loved to sew felt by hand!!! I’m a huge fan of the lion, but they are all super cute.

  7. says

    Wow Emily, you are so talented! You did such a good job, I wish I could make such a cute book. I think all the pages are amazing but I like the lion one because of the gorgeous colors.

  8. says

    I’m in love, I’m in love, and I DON’T care who knows it!! Luke LOVES his book, and I kind of love the shooting knives of jealousy I get at church :) That owl nearly brought me to tears. It is SO so SOOO cute!! Well done. Your kids are the luckiest.

    PS I didn’t really experience the third trimester sobbies until about 2 days before Luke was born. Tyler broke his phone (by biting his phone) and I bawled for a good two hours. It wasn’t even my phone. It was the weirdest feeling ever. So out of control..

  9. Naomi says

    This is without doubt the most stunning quiet book I have ever seen! You can see the love that went into its creation in every page. We are going to start trying for a baby towards the end of this year and this is exactly the type of thing I hope to create for when our own little one eventually comes along.
    The next 8 weeks will undoubtedly pass incredibly quickly for you and I’m on the same count down! I’m getting married on the 16th April :)

    • says

      Naomi–Thank you so much. You’re so sweet. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage! I wish you ALL the best in the wedding and family after!

  10. Laura says

    de-lurking to say WOW. I see that you don’t have a pattern but I love it and if you don’t mind I am going to steal the idea.
    Thanks for inspiration today and all the other days I’ve read your creative posts!

  11. Shelley Rollins says

    So so cute. When you first posted about the first book you made, I went out and bought some felt to start one of my own, but wasn’t exactly sure what the actual pages were made of and what type of felt. So here are some questions for you so that I can hopefully start mine…
    Do you get the regular “soft felt” or the kind that has like a card board inside for the actual pages? (or is there a special felt that you buy that’s not just the craft stuff that comes in sheets?)
    How did you find was the best way to bind the pages together?
    Some of the animals are stuffed, but did you put stuffing in all of them?
    Or if it is easier to call me I would love to chat seeing as it has been way too long :)
    Love ya and can’t wait to see cute baby girl

    • says


      1. I use regular plain ol’ soft felt rather than the stiffened kind. For the cream-colored background felt, I used wool felt, like they sell on bolts at Jo-Anns. It’s slightly higher quality and a bit sturdier. If you like, you can use that for all your felt. I only used it for the cream backgrounds. Almost all the other felt is just from the little sheets they sell pre-cut that are made from recycled bottles.

      2. For binding, I sew pages together 2-3 at a time into little groupings (i.e. the red page and the green page sewn together and the blue page and back cover together) then do one line of stitching to bind all the groupings together. I would recommend hand-sewing this part, even if you machine-sew the rest, since it can be hard for a machine to get through that many layers of felt. Next I cut a strip of felt to use as the binding (here I chose green). Using straight pins, I positioned the green felt to act as a binder around all the pages. Then I sewed a small rectangle around the green fabric to connect all the pages together. Does that make sense? You can call or email me if it doesn’t…

      3. I didn’t stuff all the animals. I did anytime I wanted a little extra texture, but most things I wanted to remain flat (i.e. the fish bowl water, the alligator, the branches behind the owls). I’ve found if you stuff everything the book can get REALLY fat really fast, but if you just choose a few things to stuff, it stays manageable.

      Hope that helps! Again, feel free to post any other questions, or you can email or call me any time. :)

      • Shelley Rollins says

        ok, as I started to get my things organized and a plan set out I thought of a few more questions…
        -what are the sizes of your pages?
        -have you found a certain type of threat works best? (I will probably be doing most of it by hand)
        -On the owl wing and banana did you do a seam around the edge that flaps ? (would it make it more stable?
        -when sewing the cream pages to the colored felt how did you do both sides? Was it all three at once?
        Sorry I am the worst and I can’t find your email address and when we switched cell carriers apparently I lost your number. Please forgive me :) I hope you are well and thanks so much for the idea and all the help with my gazillion questions!

        • says

          Shelley- sorry it took me a while to respond!

          1. I used the colored sheets you can buy pre-cut to use for sizing. Then I cut the cream-colored background sheets down to leave about a 1/2″ border for the colored sheet to show through. Not very scientific, but there you go.

          2. I have used a basic all-purpose thread. I asked the lady at the sewing counter what she thought, and she told me it really wouldn’t make much difference whether I used a polyester or cotton thread. Some of the colors I have are polyester and some are a cotton blend. I haven’t noticed a difference in how well they hold up and all of them seem to be easy to sew with.

          3. I did sew a little seam at the fold of where the banana folds but didn’t do one around the top border of the peel. You can kind of see in the picture. The owl wing was stuffed, so I made it separate from the rest of the owl’s body and then attached it once it was stuffed with a seam. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

          4. When attaching the cream colored sheets to the colored backgrounds, I pinned them onto the colored sheet so they matched up as well as possible. Then I sewed the whole sandwich (cream sheet, colored sheet, cream sheet) together all at the same time. I’ve found it’s easier to get a neat stitch this way.

          Let me know if you have any more questions!

  12. Paula Jo @ Home Accents | Home Decor says

    I just love the quiet book. You did a marvelous job! About crying over movies, I do that to, but I’m not pregnant. lol You are just going through some changes, and it will pass.

  13. says

    i LOVE it all!! i wish i’d had one of those for my girls…or even still!! alas….i am soooo not as creative as you are! you have one lucky little lady to have you as a mama!!!

  14. says

    If there was a picture in Websters for Cutest Thing Ever, it would be this quiet book! I’m saving this for 15-20 years from now when I’m a Nana…

  15. says

    I’m a little late to the game but I LOVE this and I’m making one of my own so this was timely. Will be borrowing some of your great ideas (or borrowing and altering) and will be crediting you on my blog. What a creative lady you are. :)

  16. says

    This is one of my favorite quiet books that I have ever seen – and I’ve made a few! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Your quiet book is really beautiful. Congrats on the little one.

    • says

      I’ve never blushed so hard in my entire life! I DIE over everything adorable on your blog all the time. Thank you for the compliment!

  17. Jessica says

    I found your quiet book via Pinterest and I LOVE it! You did an amazing job. It’s so fun and colorful. I even want to play with it. :)

    • says

      Dawn, thank you! You’re so sweet. I actually hand-made it from a pattern I made up. I don’t sell them, but if you’re looking to purchase a quiet book pattern, Etsy is a great resource. I’d try this shop, or this one.

      I hope that helps!

    • says

      Mari–Thanks for the compliment! Because I hand-sewed it, it took much longer than it would have if I’d done it with a machine, but I’d say it was close to 20 hours. That’s with cutting, piecing, and hand-stitching. Definitely a labor of love, but it was worth it. With a machine, you could complete the sewing in much less time.

  18. Nicole says

    Hi Emily,
    I just found your quiet book while searching through pinterest. Do you happen to have a pattern and tutorial for your book? My daughter would love every single page you created. I’m trying to make her one for Christmas and my drawing skills are slim to none. This turned out so cute. If you do have pattern/tutorial could you email me at

    • says

      Nicole, I’m so sorry, I don’t have a pattern! I just drew things on paper, cut them out as templates, and traced them onto the felt. I don’t really know how to make a pattern, but I’ve had several requests. If I get it figured out, I’ll email you!

  19. j says

    i really love this book. thanks for posting. i also love hand sewing w/ felt. i don’t know why, but i do. i’m making one for my baby next. thanks for the ideas:)

  20. Brianne L says

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on quiet books, as I am making one for my friend who is expecting her first baby. This is by far my favorite! You are so talented. Here is a ridiculous question for you…Did you wash all of the felt before you use it? I thought about washing everything before I sew it since it will more than likely end up in baby’s mouth :) but then I wonder if the felt will handle that very well. Just thought I’d get your thoughts. Thanks!!

    • says

      Brianne–thank you! You’re too sweet. I didn’t wash it beforehand…I thought about it for the same reason you described, but I didn’t pre-wash it. If you do, I’d love to know how it goes! Best of luck!

    • says

      Chrissy–I didn’t use any patterns… I just made it up as I went and sometimes cut things out of paper to trace onto the felt, though I free-handed a lot of it. I wish you the VERY best of luck!!!

  21. Kate says

    Love this quiet book! I have a few friends that are having babies so I thought this would be agreat gift. I am doing some of the same aniimals as you, but I added or changed a few as well. I was just wondering, how did you sew the lion to the tan felt? I’m having trouble with that??

    • says

      Kate- I actually cut out the lion face and did all the face embroidery, and cut out all the ribbon strips. First, I sewed all the ribbon to the background, then when it was all secured, I attached the lion face over the ribbons, sewing it all the way through the ribbon and the background page. Does that make sense? Hope that helps!

  22. Delores says

    Love your book!
    Have you ever used the stick it felt shapes you can buy? I was wondering how they would hold up? I thought it might save a little time in cutting out letters and numbers.
    Great job! Love the pictues!

    • says

      Delores- I haven’t actually used them before. I bet they’d be easy for sure, but I’d be concerned about how well they’d hold up. Let me know if you give them a try! I’d love to know how they turn out.

  23. Tonya says

    Probably no surprise to anyone, but the best way we’ve ever put together busy books is to get a group of interested people together with the patterns. Each person chooses one (or two!) pages and “assembly line” sews them for the number of people in the group. 10 people? Make 10 pages! Then get back together and exchange pages. It’s loads easier to make 10 of one page, then try to do each page by yourself and it’s less time-intensive as well. My kids are all grown and their busy books in storage, so now I need to get some other grandmothers to do it with me! I would recommend sewing two felt pieces together with sturdy stabilizer – felt will stretch on it’s own, especially with little hands pulling them on / off pages. Best wishes!

  24. carla says

    Well Done Mama Bear!!! You’ve done a gorgeous job and every page gets cuter – especially the Lion!!! * :) *
    You should be very proud of yourself…

  25. Melissa white says

    I love it x I would love one for my daughter but don’t know that I am that talented. How so much respect for mummies who are super creative x

  26. says

    I found this on Pinterest and it is just sooo adorable! I love it. I love quiet books in general, but I think this is one of my favorites so far; it’s so simple and inspiring. I have to say, I’m crazy like you: I really enjoying hand sewing with felt as well. It is very satisfying.

    Good work! I’m sure your baby adores it!

  27. Jessica says

    I am in LOVE with this quiet book. I have an 11 month old and he LOVES animals. If you have a pattern you would be willing to share I would love it!

  28. Sue Lake says

    I love your quiet book! I want to make one for my grand daughter Olivia for Christmas this year. My thought is to start simple because she is just about a year old and then each year add a few more pages. Would you share how you bound your book? Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. I loved the lion!

  29. Margie says

    This has got to be the cutest book I have ever seen! I have to make one for my granddaughter! As for where to find animal patterns, I have always found coloring books to be a great place to look!

  30. Mummy Melody says

    Hi there I adore this quiet book of yours! I can see how much effort your put into this. I don’t have a sewing machine so it’s good to know I can still make something like this without one. JUst a question about sewing though – what kind of stitch did you use? Just in and out straight down the line, or did you loop back while doing the in-and-out? Sorry I don’t know the proper terms so hopefully you understand what I mean. Thanks!

  31. Mummy Melody says

    Hi I did just that and so far it’s been great! I’ve made 2 pages so far and so proud of myself already! Lol Thanks for your help

  32. Mummy Melody says

    Also is there an easier way of sewing on velcro? It’s so hard to thread through and I’ve already bent one of my needles. My baby is not at the stage of using snaps properly so velcro seems to be the best way to connect items at the moment

    • says

      Melody: I’ve had some difficulty with velcro too… one suggestion is to use an embroidery needle (which is thicker, stronger, etc.). That’s what I did, but if you’d rather not and you do have a machine, you can use a machine to sew it on. Otherwise, they sell stick-on velcro, which might save you the hassle. Best of luck!!!

    • Kate says

      I used soft velcro for some trousers for a baby. It can be sewn by machine quite easily and isn’t scratchy like the tougher velcro.

  33. Haley says

    This book is beautiful! I love it! I know what you mean about hand sewing felt. I feel the same way. I’ve made my kids lots of little stuffed animals out of felt and for some reason, I don’t get the same sense of peace and accomplishment when I use a machine. Plus, trying to sew the little details on my machine is a headache for me, so I’d rather just sew it by hand. This book is great though. Kudos.

  34. R . Dishaw says

    This book is wonderful! Babies will love it. For older children, the letters can be snapped or velcroed on to learn spelling and reading .

  35. Amanda says

    What’s the approximate size of each page? What are the dimensions of the cover and back of the book? P.S. Looks great!!!!

    • says

      Amanda – I just used 8×10 or 8×11 sheets that they sell in craft and fabric stores, so that’s the basic size. The cover was the same. Best of luck!

    • says

      Kendall – I used pinking shears. There are all grades of pinking shears, but mine weren’t too expensive. You can usually find them at Michaels, Jo Ann Fabric, and Hobby Lobby. Best of luck!

  36. says

    Dear Emily, This is the cutest book I have come across. I have twin great-grandsons that I intend to
    make these for. Thanks for posting your wonderful idea. Janice

  37. Barb Melloy says

    I have used a glue gun to attach Velcro and little felt decorations that I didn’t want to sew. I have also used cutesy fabric that I had on hand and put felt on the back of it.

    • says

      Joy – Here’s what I wrote to another reader with the same question. Hope it helps!

      2. For binding, I sew pages together 2-3 at a time into little groupings (i.e. the red page and the green page sewn together and the blue page and back cover together) then do one line of stitching to bind all the groupings together. I would recommend hand-sewing this part, even if you machine-sew the rest, since it can be hard for a machine to get through that many layers of felt. Next I cut a strip of felt to use as the binding (here I chose green). Using straight pins, I positioned the green felt to act as a binder around all the pages. Then I sewed a small rectangle around the green fabric to connect all the pages together. Does that make sense? You can email me if it doesn’t…

  38. Emily Helgeson says

    Emily! I totally love this…and I don’t even have kids! I know I want to make this when one of my sisters/cousins has a baby. I think I’ll even make one ahead of time for my future kids. I just love how each page has something special about it. Great discovery for kids. Also, the felt makes it pretty durable. Great idea and awesome designs!

  39. Emily Helgeson says

    Looking at this wonderful book idea again and wondering what you used to cut the squiggle edges? Did you use some kind of pinking shears?

    • says

      Emily – Yes! I just picked up a pair of pinking shears at my fabric store. They’re nothing fancy, but I loved the finish they gave the pages!

  40. Dorothy says

    Do the flies come off the page and snap to the frogs tongue? How did you make that page?
    I just love this book and would love to think of more pages to add
    Thank you

    • says

      Dorothy – The flies are sewn onto the page, with little snaps on their wings. The tongue is the part that moves from fly to fly (also with a little snap on the end). Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions! Happy to help!

  41. Victoria says

    Love love love this book. I’m starting to do one for my son and I’m very jealous of your skills.

    I have a question, what did you use as stuffing?

    • says

      I only stuffed a few things (like the frog’s legs), but I used just regular batting (you can find cotton or synthetic blends at nearly any fabric or craft store). Hope that helps!

  42. Lori says

    Beautiful book and beautiful handcraft work! I did make a similar book after being inspired by you. My pinking shears dulled after cutting a couple pages and did not work. When I went to purchase another one, the directions indicated felt is the worst thing to cut with a pinking shears. I also asked the advice of the individual cutting fabric at Jo-Ann’s and they repeated the sentiment. So reluctantly, I restarted and did my project with all straight edges. How did you accomplish your entire book with a pinking shears. Did you do anything special to keep it from doing that? Any advice is appreciated, I really prefer the “pinked” edges.

    • says

      I did notice some dulling, but I had a friend suggest cutting a piece of foil in-between every few pages. Not sure whether it was a placebo effect, but it got me through making a few books! Hope that helps!

  43. Haleigh says

    Hi! I love this quiet book, and I’d like to try to make one for my daughter. I saw in a previous comment that you said you’d try to make a pattern for this. Since I am just starting out with sewing/crafting, I was wondering if you did have the pattern or an “easy” step-by-step explanation of how you did this? :)
    Thank you in advance for your answer!

  44. Rakhee says

    Hi Emily. This is an amazing piece of work. I wish it was for sale, I would have bought it right away for my child…

  45. Hetal says

    These are so so adorable!! Do you have a pattern that I can recreate for a gift for a friend? Would you be willing to share it with yours truly?

    • says

      Hetal – Thank you! Unfortunately, I don’t have a pattern. I drew outlines on pieces of paper and cut them out of felt. Best of luck to you!

  46. Shweta says

    This looks great. Thanks for sharing!
    Did you sew the zip? I am not so good at sewing , but think it is a great idea.
    Do let me know. Thanks!!

    • says

      I sewed the zipper onto the backing and then the alligator mouth covered up the rest of it. It’s WAY less difficult than actually attaching a zipper to clothing. (I’m no seamstress!)

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