My Trick for Last-Minute Dinners

5 Easy Dinners from One Easy Ingredient! from

I’m a meal planner through and through. It’s one of the only ways we’ve stayed on budget for the last many years and the only way to keep me on track when we’re so busy with school, therapy, dance class, errands, and more. Still, despite the best-laid plans, sometimes the afternoon has gotten away from… 

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Vanilla Spice Pear Sauce

Vanilla Spice Pear Sauce - gorgeous, slightly spiced pear sauce from

I was trudging through Costco a few weeks back trying not to pout that all the peaches and cherries were gone and the berries looked sad, when I saw the most gorgeous box of pears for a spectacular price. I picked them up, cheered up, brought them home and remembered that….both my children refuse to… 

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Mini Rainbow Lunches

Easy Allergy-Friendly Lunch Ideas with Wet Ones from

Oh, mercy. School lunches. I don’t know when the hype started, but I suspect Pinterest has done the same thing for school lunches that it’s done for birthday parties. It seems everyone is posting Instagram pictures of intricate Bento boxes of panda-shaped cheese or radish flowers. Around our house, we keep things simple. I’ve been doing… 

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