Updated from the archives I hope you’re not tired of seeing repeat recipes. I rarely repeat recipes since we try so many new ones. But every once in a while, we just get a hankering for something we’ve loved in the past. Naan is one of those things.

maple cornbread

It’s been a tough week, dear reader. Poor Sophie has been battling a cold for a week and has been working on 6 (yes 6) teeth.  Yesterday was a doozie. I’ll spare you the details, but, in summary, there were many temper tantrums, a low moment on my hands and knees in the kitchen cleaning… 

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blueberry biscuits

blueberry biscuits4

 Like about every other female human I know, I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. I started using it the month before Sophie was born and it was so nice to finally transfer all my bookmarks (and there were hundreds) into a visual format. SO much better! One of the other benefits of Pinterest is being able to… 

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cream biscuits

On certain special mornings as a little girl, I would find my dad in the kitchen making biscuits. I loved watching him make biscuits, primarily because he didn’t use a recipe. He knew it by heart–shortening, flour, baking powder, sugar, salt. My favorite part was watching him put the eggs into a salad dressing shaker…. 

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cakelike cornbread

Updated from the archives As pretty much anyone who reads this blog absolutely must know, I love love love my husband Michael. And also I adore him and think he’s really great. And did I mention I love him? Oh, because I love him. Some days, I think that directly right after Michael comes cornbread…. 

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italian herb boule

Monsoon season is just about over, and we’ve had a few cloudy-ish days since I got back from my trip. It was sort of nice to be inside feeling cozy while the rain came down. The smell of homemade bread on it’s own is amazing, but something magical happens when you’re tucked inside on a… 

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