Our Best Thanksgiving Recipes

Amazing recipes for Thanksgiving. Plenty of delicious recipes, many with a healthy twist!

Thanksgiving is a week away! Do you have your menu planned? What are you in charge of? I’ve got a fairly short list this year for our gathering with Michael’s family. I’m roasting a chicken, a fruit plate (shaped like a turkey), the sweet potatoes, some corn muffins, and a few pies.  As I was… 

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Updated from the archives I hope you’re not tired of seeing repeat recipes. I rarely repeat recipes since we try so many new ones. But every once in a while, we just get a hankering for something we’ve loved in the past. Naan is one of those things.

maple cornbread

It’s been a tough week, dear reader. Poor Sophie has been battling a cold for a week and has been working on 6 (yes 6) teeth.  Yesterday was a doozie. I’ll spare you the details, but, in summary, there were many temper tantrums, a low moment on my hands and knees in the kitchen cleaning… 

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blueberry biscuits

blueberry biscuits4

 Like about every other female human I know, I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. I started using it the month before Sophie was born and it was so nice to finally transfer all my bookmarks (and there were hundreds) into a visual format. SO much better! One of the other benefits of Pinterest is being able to… 

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cream biscuits

On certain special mornings as a little girl, I would find my dad in the kitchen making biscuits. I loved watching him make biscuits, primarily because he didn’t use a recipe. He knew it by heart–shortening, flour, baking powder, sugar, salt. My favorite part was watching him put the eggs into a salad dressing shaker…. 

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