citrus avocado dressing and dip (gf, df, v, Paleo, Whole30)

Citrus Avocado Dip or Dressing (Whole30 approved!!!) // One Lovely Life

Avocados are my love language. If I possessed the skill to write sonnets, I would write at least one very good one about avocados. Since we went gluten and dairy free, they’ve become one of my go-to sources of healthy fats. They’re so versatile, taste delicious, and you can even freeze them! (Yep! It’s true!)… 

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simple homemade teriyaki sauce (gf, df, v)

teriyaki sauce6 w txt

A simple, delicious method for making homemade (gluten free!) teriyaki sauce. Happy Monday, dear reader. How was your weekend? 3/4 of the family was sick with sore throats and colds. Thankfully, Michael was spared–he has finals starting this week, and it would be awful to be sick on top of it all. I think the… 

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harvest salad with maple poppy seed dressing (gf, df, v, Paleo)

brussels salad1

Harvest Salad with Maple Poppy Seed Dressing – This dressing. THIS DRESSING!!! Have you tried the Sweet Kale salad from Costco? It’s divine, but since we’re dairy and gluten free, I’ve been looking for a version to make at home. What can I say? I have a thing for fall salads. I can’t help it. And… 

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mango guacamole chicken wraps (gf, df)

mango guac wrap2

Mango Guacamole Chicken Wraps – A slightly sweet twist on your favorite guacamole. A mouthwatering savory-sweet combination! Marriage changes people. Exhibit A: When we got married, I had never cooked steak in my life. That’s not true anymore. Exhibit B: Michael told me when we got married that he thought mangoes tasted like pine trees…. 

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strawberry orange salad with strawberry balsamic poppy seed dressing (gf, df)

sp salad5

Strawberry Orange Salad with Strawberry Balsamic Poppy Seed Dressing – A light, sweet salad with tangy fresh strawberry dressing.  This is the last salad I’ll post for a few weeks at least. I promise. I don’t mean to go salad crazy (i.e. roasted asparagus salad, powerhouse quinoa salad), but seriously friends, when it’s in the… 

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