Chocolate Hazelnut Butter + A Blendtec Giveaway!!!

Win a Blendtec Blender and Twister Jar at

Oh, dear reader, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to share big news: I’m doing my first-ever giveaway!!! The good folks at Blendtec have been kind enough to offer a great package to one lucky reader. There has been a huge influx of blended recipes over the last several weeks. I’ve been… 

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vegan fudgy bars (gf, df, v, Paleo)

vegan fudge1

Vegan Fudgy Bars – They’re insane. You won’t believe how good (and clean) they are! Oooh, it’s Monday! I find that I wish we had a few more hours/days/years of weekend. Sigh. Ah well. Monday, it is. Today I’m sharing the vegan fudgy bars I shared on Susie Freaking Homemaker a little while ago. Before… 

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pistachio truffles (gf, df, v, Paleo)

Pistachio Truffles

Decadent, clean, chocolate-dipped pistachio truffles made from whole ingredients.   It just wouldn’t be Christmas without treats. This year, we really haven’t made many treats, mostly because I haven’t converted many of our favorites to df/gf versions. One thing I love about these pistachio truffles is that they’re not only dairy and gluten free, most… 

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blueberry energy snack bars (gf, df, v, Paleo)

blueberry larabars4

Blueberry Energy Bars – Squeaky clean and delicious! So, after trying our cherry chocolate torte snack bars, I couldn’t wait to try other versions. (Note: I’m using the term “snack bars,” but I really mean copycat Larabars) It took me a while before I could  actually TRY another version, we liked the cherry ones so much…. 

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cherry chocolate torte snack bars (gf, df, v, Paleo)


Cherry Chocolate Torte Energy Bars – These are delicious, not-too-sweet, and toddler-friendly Even before going gluten & dairy free, I was a BIG fan of Larabars. If you’ve not had them before, Larabars are marketed as energy bars, but are pretty much just nuts & dried fruit, with the occasional piece of chocolate thrown in… 

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raspberry chocolate chip brownies

rasp brownies1 wtxt

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Brownies – Fudgy and delicious with a perfect berry bite. Life with our two munchkins is still crazy-pants, so I’m not much for words today… I just wanted to pass along our brownie experiment in case you wanted to use it for Valentine’s Day later this week.  Perfect for Love Day later… 

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