simple homemade teriyaki sauce (gf, df, v)

teriyaki sauce6 w txt

A simple, delicious method for making homemade (gluten free!) teriyaki sauce. Happy Monday, dear reader. How was your weekend? 3/4 of the family was sick with sore throats and colds. Thankfully, Michael was spared–he has finals starting this week, and it would be awful to be sick on top of it all. I think the… 

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miniature meatloaves (gf, df)


Miniature Meatloaves – Even if nothing about the word “loaf” sounds appealing, you should really give these beauties a try. Savory, tender, and NOT dry, these are just going to change your mind. Meatloaf. There probably isn’t a more unfortunate sounding food name. Really? Loaf? We couldn’t come up with anything better than loaf? I’ll… 

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