Daniel Tiger’s Veggie Spaghetti (gf, df, vegan)

Daniel Tiger's Veggie Spaghetti // One Lovely Life

In Autism therapy, we use a lot of what’s called social stories. Going to the doctor? Let’s read books, tell stories, and watch shows that feature going to the doctor. Learning about potty training? Having a babysitter over? Learning to share toys? Same story. It’s a great strategy for almost all children, whether they’re typical… 

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Island Rice Bowls with Coconut Ginger Rice (GF, DF)

Island Rice Bowls with Coconut Ginger Rice // One Lovely Life

We are big into Silk around our house. We switched to almond milk a few years ago and have been Silk fans ever since, so when I had the chance to partner with them on a dinner party idea using their Coconutmilk, I jumped at the chance. It’s delicious! Our favorite is the Silk Unsweetneed… 

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simple homemade teriyaki sauce (gf, df, v)

teriyaki sauce6 w txt

A simple, delicious method for making homemade (gluten free!) teriyaki sauce. Happy Monday, dear reader. How was your weekend? 3/4 of the family was sick with sore throats and colds. Thankfully, Michael was spared–he has finals starting this week, and it would be awful to be sick on top of it all. I think the… 

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summer salad with balsamic lime dressing (gf, df, Paleo, Whole30)

balsamic lime salad2

Summer Salad with Balsamic Lime Dressing – This simple dressing is going to knock your socks off. Serve this as a spotlight-stealing side, or add a little grilled chicken to make it a heartier main dish. You can’t go wrong. When my sister was here helping us with our move, it was hot, sweaty work…. 

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