pineapple teriyaki salmon (gf, df, Paleo)

Pineapple Teriyaki Salmon (GF, Paleo) // One Lovely Life

Pineapple Teriyaki Salmon – Gluten free, Paleo-friendly, and a great way to introduce salmon to your little ones. I’m trying to help Milo and Sophie broaden their palates. First off, keeping it real: sometimes my kids don’t eat what the adults eat for dinner. There, I said it. I feel sad and guilty about it,… 

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balsamic lime salmon (gf, df)

Balsamic Lime Salmon // One Lovely Life

Balsamic Lime Salmon – Salmon marinated and brushed with a tangy-sweet glaze.   Few foods have more of a super food reputation than salmon. It’s completely delicious, and fantastic for you. I’m a salmon fan, and I especially love salmon with a sticky-sweet glaze. We wanted fish for our anniversary dinner this year, and beautiful… 

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spicy blackened fish fajitas

 I’ve got a recipe queue longer than I am tall, but sometimes there are recipes that stop me in my tracks and call to me. I saw this idea on The Kitchn and could. not. help. myself. My thoughts? Totally amazing.

honey lime fish tacos (df)

Anyone remember that honey lime tilapia I made a while back? Have you tried it yet? It’s really, really delicious. Well, my aunt Nicki commented on the tilapia post and mentioned that she’d used it for fish tacos. Michael and I both drooled at that suggestion. We didn’t stop thinking about that idea, and when Michael’s… 

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