A few favorites…

Five Products We're Loving Lately >> One Lovely Life

Around Christmas, I got to go to a “favorite things” party. It was so much fun–my friend Andrea is THE BEST hostess! If you’ve never been to one (I hadn’t), she had each attendee bring 3 copies of something they love. Everyone wrote their name three times on a piece of paper and put them… 

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Five Fact Friday

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life

1. Michael took the kids to an adaptive adventure day last weekend for children with special needs and their families. It was amazing. There were pony rides, face painting, games, crafts, and volunteers with loads of different specialties. Everyone they met or talked to was kind, understanding, gentle, and helpful. Michael said of the experience “my… 

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My Bubbly Valentine

My Bubbly Valentine - DIY Valentine (with Free Printable!) >> One Lovely Life

  This is the first year we get to give valentines to a school class. Sophie mostly understands that Valentine’s Day and hearts are related, but truth be told, this year it’s 100% my choice about which valentines we give out this year. Truth also being told, these last two quarters of graduate school have… 

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The Power of Less

The Power of Less + Simplifying Life >> One Lovely Life

Other than the little blurbs I’ve written about kids books or summer reading ideas, I haven’t really done book reviews here on the blog. I certainly don’t consider myself an expert of anything, but I think I might start sharing books here and there. Nothing too intense and (hopefully) nothing that reads like a book… 

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10 Kids Books We’re Loving Lately

november collage wtxt

We very much put our library accounts to good use. Quite regularly, both Michael and I have maxed out our hold request, and I almost always have borrowed books in the double digits. (Side note: we also watch a lot of shows and movies this way. If you’re not taking advantage of this service at… 

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