Things that Go!

Things that GO! Our favorite books about planes, trains, cars, trucks, and more! // One Lovely Life

I moved nine times by the time I was 18. My dad wasn’t in the military, but we moved a lot. That meant that I attended a lot of schools. Seven schools before I graduated high school, to be exact. I know lots of people who have moved more times or lived more places or… 

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tantrum training

Disclaimer: I am not a parenting expert, medical professional, or child psychologist. I don’t even pretend to know two hoots about parenting. I’m almost constantly reading something a parenting book. This is the training our new pediatrician suggested to us, and we’ve seen excellent results with it. It may not work for everyone, but our… 

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real, true gratitude

Friends, it was one of those weeks last week. Poor Sophie was very, very sick. As in almost had to go to the hospital for tests sick. We had several very long days in a row, and I found myself really struggling in the evenings. After tucking Sophie into bed and putting the house to… 

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