How to Make a Busy Book

How to Make a Busy Book // One Lovely Life

This title sounds much more official than I’m afraid the post might be, but I wanted to share something that’s working for us right now when I need to keep Sophie busy while I make dinner or when we’re waiting for an appointment or doing our best to stay quiet during church. We’ve been working… 

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How to Make Paper Flowers

How to Make Paper Flowers from Coffee Filters // One Lovely Life

With Easter around the corner, and springtime upon us, I wanted to share a little project I did a few months ago. I helped put on a luncheon for the ladies who help out in the children’s program at church. We had a teeny tiny budget, so lots of DIY and handmade decorations were the… 

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My Bubbly Valentine

My Bubbly Valentine - DIY Valentine (with Free Printable!) >> One Lovely Life

  This is the first year we get to give valentines to a school class. Sophie mostly understands that Valentine’s Day and hearts are related, but truth be told, this year it’s 100% my choice about which valentines we give out this year. Truth also being told, these last two quarters of graduate school have… 

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real, true gratitude

Friends, it was one of those weeks last week. Poor Sophie was very, very sick. As in almost had to go to the hospital for tests sick. We had several very long days in a row, and I found myself really struggling in the evenings. After tucking Sophie into bed and putting the house to… 

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