August Favorites

August Faves - A few tried, tested, and loved favorites from

It’s been a while since I shared some favorite things! I really do wish I could have you all over regularly for a Favorite Things party (more about those here) since I love hearing what things other people find handy, helpful, or wonderful. Many of my very favorite things have been suggestions from other people! So, for no… 

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My Favorite Fitness App

My Favorite Fitness App >> One Lovely Life

    I used to work as a worksite wellness health coach for a university. Clients could sign up for health testing (body fat testing, height, weight, blood pressure, basic fitness tests, etc.) and we’d work together to establish exercise and nutrition goals based on their areas of interest or concern. I’d had an interest in… 

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Agnes and Dora Giveaway!

Spring Wardrobe Refresh + Agnes & Dora Giveaway // One Lovely Life

Thanks for your nice thoughts on Monday’s post. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was fun to write about and even more fun to hear from all of you! In tandem with talking about clothes, I wanted to share the chance to have a spring wardrobe refresh yourself!

A few favorites…

Five Products We're Loving Lately >> One Lovely Life

Around Christmas, I got to go to a “favorite things” party. It was so much fun–my friend Andrea is THE BEST hostess! If you’ve never been to one (I hadn’t), she had each attendee bring 3 copies of something they love. Everyone wrote their name three times on a piece of paper and put them… 

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