five fact friday

Five Fact Friday I One Lovely Life Five Fact Friday I One Lovely Life
1. Guess who’s sitting pretty (or handsome) at our house? This little guy. Other fancy new tricks include turning himself 180 degrees on his tummy and even scooting forward or backward a few feet. Early crawler in our future? Could be. All I know is he’ll be 5 months old on Monday, and I’m impressed.

Five Fact Friday I One Lovely Life Five Fact Friday I One Lovely Life
2. Last weekend, we got a babysitter for Milo (thanks, Maddy!) and took Sophie to the local children’s museum for a mama-daddy-Sophie date. It was a great way to spend a few hours. We were glad to spend some dedicated, full-attention time with Sophie. She’s very patient with how much attention Milo needs, and it was great to give her two parents’ worth of undivided attention. It was just an added perk we took her somewhere she could climb on/touch/explore/play with/enjoy everything in sight.

Five Fact Friday I One Lovely Life
3. Curiouser and curiouser. Milo is also starting to show a lot more curiosity. He’ll reach, grab, explore, taste, touch, and turn everything he can get his hands on. He’s this close to being able to turn over from back to tummy, and then I think it won’t be much longer till his budding mobility takes off. Sophie also made some new discoveries this week: 1) turning on the light switch right above sleeping Milo (sigh) and 2) Curious George. Good thing that theme song is so catchy…

Five Fact Friday I One Lovely Life
4. BIG NEWS: Sophie DID NOT CRY at her last therapy appointment this week. She has cried for all or nearly all of EVERY SINGLE therapy or doctor’s appointment for over a month, and–out of the blue–she was a happy hard worker. We haven’t even been able to do any actual therapy exercises or play for a few weeks because she’s been so uncooperative, and then we had this AMAZING session. I tell you: prayer works. I don’t expect it to go that well every time, but it was just the spot of sunshine I needed to tide me over till the next good appointment.

Five Fact Friday I One Lovely Life
5. Lastly, we got iPhones this week! And we love them. We got older ones for a steal and have been having lots of fun figuring them out. I’m taking it easy on apps, but if you have a favorite (food, fitness, books, bargains, etc) let me know!

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  1. Daryl says

    So happy that Sophie’s session went so well!!! Thanks for sharing that good news with all of us who pray for you (every day!). I loved seeing the pictures and all the smiles:) Sounds like you’ll soon be chasing Milo around the house. So glad you’re “enjoying the moments” with your busy little ones!

  2. Roisin Elizabeth says

    I’m a big fan of the Escoffier Cook’s Companion app, which has a converter for all things cooking (temp, weight etc.), ingredient info and a timer. I also love Whatsapp for free texting and sending photos (once you have internet of course!).

  3. Juliann says

    I have a couple good free fitness apps. Nike fit club offers free workout routines and Nike running is also free. It tracks how far and fast you walk/run on the street or on a treadmill. I use it with an armband, and it’s fun for family walks to tell the kids how far we have walked.

  4. Momma Lynn says

    Yea! What a wonderful week at your house!

    I’m still awfully in love with your little people.

  5. Jordan says

    I absolutely adore everything about this post. I especially love the picture of Milo poking his head out of his crib. What a handsome little man and a beautiful little lady you have, my dear sister! Yay for good appointments!!!

  6. says

    Hooray for a great therapy appointment! I’m always so amazed at how much my students teach me (especially the ones on the spectrum – they’re probably my favorite).

    Apps for your new iPhone – Pinterest, “Find Me Gluten Free”, Urbanspoon, and PicFrame.


  7. says

    So glad you have instagram! haha I’m sure you will love it!
    Another way for me to hear your lovely thoughts. Thanks for the posts of optimism always.

    -@asunnym (find me!) :)

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