five fact friday

Happy Friday! Time for this week’s five facts!
Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life
1. Michael is DONE with his first year of school. We did it! I am SOOOOOOO happy to have him home for the next little while before his internship starts. I love the help, yes, but also love the ability to do more adventurous things during the week (like go anywhere that isn’t therapy or a grocery store) and the glorious homework-free evenings.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life
2. Sophie rode a camel this week. We made a trip to the zoo on what could well be the last beautiful day in five months. It was gorgeous. Sophie walked the whole time, Milo pointed out all the birds and turtles. There was a nice breeze, we ran into an old friend, and no one cried on the car ride home. Those few hours were amazing. The whole day wasn’t perfect, but those few hours were really, really good.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life
3. Mentioned this on Instagram, but Sophie and Milo have played together a few times this week! I was swallowing a giant lump in my throat at Barnes and Noble while they played at the train table. I blinked back tears when they played with my jewelry on our bed in the morning. And I couldn’t stop smiling when they tugged on ends of our coiled up hose, each thinking the other was chasing them. I really didn’t know if this would happen. But those moments they play together, it feels a little like heaven.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life
4. Milo now says “bless you.” It comes out as “bwassooo” and it’s as adorable as you might think. Unfortunately, he only “blesses” genuine sneezes, so I don’t think I’ll ever get it on camera unless I’m remarkably lucky. He picks up on things so fast! It’s so fun and fascinating to watch. Childhood is kind of amazing.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life 5. I got a BLENDTEC!!!! And I shall call her Beyonce. Because obviously: she’s beautiful and I love her. I can’t wait to share more soon, and I promise to try not to be all smoothies all the time around here. I just. can’t. wait. to get started. Wahoooo!

Happy weekend, and happy, happy Mother’s Day to all of you. Wishing you every good thing!


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