five fact friday

Baby photos and bites of life. Must be Five Fact Friday! 

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life
1. Milo is a bacon-holic. He can, clear as day, say “Bey-Kin.” It’s hilarious, but maddening. At every single meal and snack, he’ll ask “Bey-kin? Bey-kin? Bey-kin?” Oh, mercy. We aren’t bacon every day people, but I’ll admit we’ve had it once a week since he learned the word.

Side note: boyfriend is in the middle of a cuh-razy growth spurt. He ate NINE child-sized pancakes the other day. In a single sitting.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life
2. Sophie is back in the Wear All The Sparkly Things vibe. She wants to look like a “pwee-sass” or like Angelina Ballerina. Dress ups over her pajamas. Dress ups over her clothes. Dress ups, dress ups, dress ups. It makes me so happy.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life
3. Milo always has a car with him. Nearly every room in my house has at least one car in it at all times. Including closets and bathrooms. It’s a bit out of control. Also dangerous for those of us of the adult persuasion. Ouch.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life
4. I noticed that we were slowly drifting into the “snack all day and don’t eat real meals” frame of mind. I’ve been trying to make a real effort to consolidate our snack times and to try to make them count, rather than letting Sophie and Milo graze all afternoon. It’s really hard for me! My other problem is that no one will eat any (non-bacon) protein, so they’re just burning through their carbohydrates and legitimately DO feel hungry some of the time. Anyone have any great tips? I’m all ears. In the meantime, I just got my hands on a copy of Getting to YUM
(by the author of French Kids Eat Everything). Fingers crossed there are some good pearls of wisdom tucked in its pages.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life
5. A few people asked about the ball pit balls I posted about on Instagram the other day. We bought this set and we use them all the time! We put them in Milo’s crib, or a travel crib to make a sturdy little ball pit. Other times, we use them in an inflatable or plastic baby pool. If you have children who are noise-sensitive (sometimes Sophie is), just line the pool or crib with a fluffy blanket. Works like a dream.


  1. Momma Lynn says

    Oh, my Goodness! These darling little people!
    Milo is a man after my own heart in the bacon department.
    And Sophie and her dress ups! Just like her mother. :)

  2. says

    Just a reminder…my mom is a nurse and was once really traumatized by a little girl choking on bacon. I know you are an AMAZING mom so I am sure you watch him closely…but for anyone else reading this remember to keep them seated and chewing well during meal time. Bring on the bacon!! (And have you tried turkey bacon? We tasted it at Costco and my 11 year old declared that she prefers her bacon be from a pig, ha ha. I thought it was okay, a softer texture I guess.)

  3. Emily Helgeson says

    Sophie looks so precious and sophisticated casually sipping her drink in her fancy duds. She is so cute in that hat. Also fun to see Milo and Sophie playing together in the ball toys. As always, thank you so much for your posts. I look forward the recipes you share, and I love seeing how your little family is doing each week. Have a great weekend!

  4. Cynthia says

    I hope others have some protein advice…mine (my older two are slightly better) only eat bacon, sausage, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets – they rarely eat the chicken or beef or pork I prepare for dinners. And the younger two are basically dairy free so no protein from that source. At least they eat eggs…most of the time.

    PS – I love Five Fact Friday…your children are adorable!

  5. says

    These two are just too cute! My son recently went through a snack phase which I have been trying to mildly discourage. And the ball pit is a great idea! My little guy would go nuts!! Have a great weekend!

  6. Amanda says

    My 4 yr. old son is somewhat picky about his proteins, too. But, he LOVES crunchy. In fact, he BEGS for roasted chickpeas–and I’m happy to oblige. A splash of olive oil, salt, and pepper, and then bake at 425 until they’re crunchy. He has a hard time waiting for them to cool–and then hoards them.

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