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10 Picture Books We Love Lately

10 Beautiful Picture Books You're Sure to Love from www.onelovelylife.com
We’ve read a lot of great picture books lately. From beautiful illustrations, to clever writing or funny lines, here are a few of our recent favorites…

1. Bob and Flo

I’m a sucker for great illustrations and these were SO charming. I love how even without using any facial expressions, the body posturing and other clues in the picture did a great job communicating how everyone was feeling. Sophie and Milo both loved this one. I can’t wait for the next one (due out next year)

2. Digger Dog

I sometimes feel like we’ve read every single vehicle book at our library and I’m always struggling to find one more. Milo lives and breathes for “behicle books,” so I searched around on Amazon to see what might pop up for me. This is one I hadn’t heard of (or seen!), so I requested it at the library. We were so pleased! Sophie actually really enjoyed this one too. It has a few fold-out pages and the illustrations were fun. Definitely a good behicle book.

3. Stuck

This is one I’ve intended to read for ages, but somehow keep forgetting about until my library holds are maxed out. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND READ THIS ONE. It’s hilarious. I love Oliver Jeffers and this one was hilarious, the illustrations were top-notch, and I genuinely laughed out loud while I read it.

4. Dim Sum for Everyone!

We love a good food book, and this one delivers. It’s the perfect set-up for an awesome family dinner or movie night. Go to (or make your own!) dim sum and enjoy a great meal together. I’ve been searching for more gluten free recipes (for pork buns, etc.) to round out my menu.

5. The Lion and the Bird

I really enjoyed this beautiful book. It was so lovely. The story was simple and sweet and the illustrations were so beautiful. Sophie named the lion Paris, which made me happy.

10 Picture Books We Love Lately from www.onelovelylife.com

6. A Lion in Paris

This is why she named the lion Paris. We ALSO really loved this book, which makes up a story about the Lion de Belfort statue in Paris. The mixed media illustrations were really interesting, and we liked that this book was read up and down in stead of side to side.

7. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

This one is a classic I’ve meant to read for ages and only just got around to after seeing some anniversary editions floating about. The story is of a family’s pet/friend crocodile Lyle and some of his adventures. There are many more in the Lyle series, and we’re slowly working our way through them.

8. Tiny Little Fly

Sophie has an author crush on Michael Rosen. Who doesn’t? Anyone who’s read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt or The Bus Is For Us knows that he’s just got a knack for this age group. Both my children loved this (and every) Michael Rosen book.

9. Alphasaurus

Want a good time? Read this book and have your child repeat the names of the dinosaurs after you. I never get tired of hearing Sophie or Milo attempt to spout things like “compsognathus” or “zuniceritops” in their tiny little voices. Another plus: fun, bright illustrations. This is one of a group of dinosaur books by this author, and we’re excited to check out the others about colors, shapes, and counting.

10. Blackout

I really like John Rocco. The illustrations in the books are so wonderful, and the story here was a good one to talk about. What would you do if the power went out? How do you think this person feels right now? Another great book by John Rocco.

What about YOU?

Read anything great with your little ones lately? 

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