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101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days >> Live an Adventure! (via One Lovely Life)

It’s up and finally ready to share! Our next adventure list is well under way, and we’ve rounded out the last few open spots and it’s ready to go. For anyone new to our blog, we did one of these 101 Things in 1001 Days lists a few years ago. We didn’t finish it (we went gluten/dairy free, had a daughter diagnosed with autism, had a second baby much earlier than we originally planned, etc.), but we felt great about all we were able to accomplish and how many things the list pushed us to do.

While there’s certain glory and honor in finishing the full list, the biggest goal we have with something like this is to get us to try new things, push ourselves, and have an adventure. This time around, I’ve also given us the permission to re-write any goal we please. That way, no diet change, medical mystery, or happenstance will keep us from doing what we’d like to do.

I’ll be posting occasionally to update our progress as we mark things off. Also, for privacy’s sake, I haven’t mentioned a few places by name, so I’ve used nicknames as place holders. But you’ll get the picture.

We have some big ticket items on this list (potty training two children–heaven, help us), but we also have some great adventures (an overnight trip away from the kids!), and some wrongs to right (Michael has seen a deplorably low number of musicals). Mostly, we’re excited to start living an adventure.

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days >> Live an Adventure! (via One Lovely Life)

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

Starting Date: January 1, 2015

Ending Date: September 28, 2017

Kids + Family Adventures:

1. Take the kids to the dentist (done)
2. Transition to kids beds (50% done!)
3. Potty train (done!)
4. Print or frame art (done)
5. Take the kids to the movies (done!)
6. Try giant bubbles
7. Visit the Big Children’s Museum (done!)
8. Visit the smaller Children’s Museum
9. Go to a bouncing/trampoline place
10. Go to the pumpkin patch (done)
11. Visit a new splash pad (done)
12. Take swimming lessons (done)
13. Try homemade play dough (done!)
14. Try a community class for each child (done!)
15. Make a gingerbread house (done)
16. Go trick or treating (done)
17. Dye Easter eggs (done)
18. Give Homemade Valentines (done)
19. Go see Zoo Lights
20. Have weekly themed movie nights for a month
21. Host a dinner party (done)
22. Visit a new farmer’s market (done)
23. Visit fall colors

Relationship + Dates:

24. See a play (done)
25. Get juice at a juice bar
26. Have a Star Wars marathon
27. Do a laser maze
28. Melting Pot at Home
29. Watch 5 musicals
30. Watch 5 famous (preferably classic) movies
31. Go to C.S. (local restaurant)
32. Read a swap book (done)
33. Go on an overnight away (done!)
34. Celebrate our anniversary ON our anniversary (done)
35. Go on a lunch date (done)
36. Set an un-plug time for a month (done)
37. Plan and schedule a trip for our 10th anniversary(!)
38. Complete the 36 Questions (done)
39. Make Sundays special (done)


40. Buy a home
41. Update computer
42. Update Camera (done)
43. Complete a No Spend Month (done)
44. Pay off car (done)
45. Get grown-up living room furniture (done!)
46. Open a 529 plan
47. Create a living will
48. Meet with a financial planner (done)

Health +Fitness:

49. Do a race or challenge (done)
50. Floss daily for 1 month (done)
51. Go to the dentist (done)
52. Try 5 new fruits and veg 
53. Get a full check-up (Emily) (done)
54. Get a full check-up (Michael) (done)
55. Get new running shoes (done)
56. Do 1 month of yoga


57. Try the artisan GF bread recipe (done)
58. Make Pho
59. Make homemade dairy free Ice Cream (done)
60. Successfully poach a pretty egg (done)
61. Make a giant layer cake (done)
62. Get a grill and grill something (done)
63. Make bone broth that gels (done)
64. Make fruit leather
65. Make homemade beef jerky
66. Make homemade gummies/jellies (done)

Spiritual + Service

67. Do a charity or service project
68. Visit the temple 12x in 12 months
69. Create and keep a gratitude jar for a month (NOT in November) (done)


70. Paint my nails for 4 weeks (done)
71. Shoot in full manual for a week (done)
72. Paint a photo background (done)
73. Update the site’s recipe index
74. Make the 2014 family photo book
75. Make the 2015 family photo book
76. Size my wedding ring
77. Be able to complete Lindsay Brin on the hardest setting  (done)
78. Complete Photo 101 Class (done)
79. Complete Tabletop Photography Class
80. Put together a media kit (done)
81. Create a “best of” page or “start here” page
82. Update feature photos (done)


83. Read the Malazan series
84. Graduate from MBA school (done!)
85. Outline novel
86. Surprise Emily (done)
87. Assemble 2014 family videos
88. Assemble 2015 family videos

Home + Projects:

89. Organize craft supplies (done)
90. Set-up desk area
91. Make a mouse pad
92. Organize the pantry (done)
93. Update photos around the house (done)
94. Clean the baseboards (done)
95. Make a housing decision for 2014 (done)
96. Replace presser foot on sewing machine (done)
97. Create art for master bedroom
98. Clean out the master closet entirely (done)
99. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails
100. Family Pictures 2015
101. Family Pictures 2016 (done)

What would you add to your list? 

(Want to do your own? Calculate 101 Days from anywhere using this handy calculator)


  1. This is awesome!! I love these ideas!! Love the visit fall colors! You can come stay with us in ohio! We live near Amish country, and it’s absolutely stunning out there during the fall. Thanks for this great idea ­čÖé

  2. You could come visit all the Raquels and Racquels who live in Ohio! Love the list, Emily! Excited to read all about it!

  3. Wow!! What a great list! So many fun things to do! For your goal of taking the kids to the movies—I’m not sure if there is an AMC theater near you, but once a month there is a sensory friendly screening of a movie- this month is SpongeBob. We are taking our twins on Saturday- I can’t wait!! I thought, because of their autism, it would be a long time before we would be able to do this! So happy that something like this is available!

  4. My favorite part of this list is Michael’s part. They are all things he would do, or want to do, anyway. Kudos to you for including him in your excitement, yet not forcing him into anything he might cringe at.

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