101 things to do in 1001 days

If any of you read my old family blog, you’ll know that this is our second time doing a list like this. Our first list went really well–we finished about 75% of the list and still technically have until May 2011 to finish. But alas, since our baby plans didn’t go as planned, much of what is left on that list won’t be possible to finish (i.e. try making homemade baby food for baby at 6 months). So, for the last few months, we’ve been making a revised edition.

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days is a really fun way to make and keep goals as an individual, couple, or family. I like to include a broad mix of things–big goals that are going to be difficult to accomplish, things I’ve been meaning to do and haven’t made time for, recipes we’ve been meaning to try, etc. The time frame is generous–you have over 2 1/2 years to get things done. Michael and I especially love this sort of list because it gives us lots of fun adventures and ideas for things to do and memories to make.

It was fun to come up with a lot of new ideas for our list and to see that some of my habits have really stuck from before. I had far fewer health and fitness goals this time around since I’ve gotten in the regular habit of exercising and eating well. I’ve also finally got room to really keep working on emergency preparedness ideas, so there’s an entirely new section just for that category. As always, the projects and food categories are full. What can I say? Some things never change.

If you’d like to make your own list, feel free to borrow any ideas below that sound interesting or search the internet for more fun ideas. Lots of bloggers have done similar lists and there are some great ideas out there! To calculate 1001 days from any date, click here.

Anyway, after all that jabbering, here is our New-and-Improved 101 Things list. We start tomorrow, and I can’t wait!

101 things to do in 1001 Days

Start date: Tuesday, October 5, 2010
End date: Tuesday, July 2, 2013


1. Have a family picture taken (Done)
2. Get reusable sandwich-sized bags (Done)
3. Fly a kite
4. Go to a farmers’ market (Done)
5. Go on a picnic (Done)
6. Go on a hike
7. Take a vacation (Done)
8. Apply to graduate school – Michael (Done)
9. Take the GMAT (Michael) (Done)
10. Have a Christmas tree (Done)
11. Visit a zoo, aquarium, or museum (Done)
12. Get a Consumer Reports subscription (Done)
13. Roast marshmallows(Done)
14. Have  a fire in our fireplace (Done)
15. Celebrate our anniversary ON our anniversary  (Done)
16. Visit a lake or ocean (Done)
17. Complete a no-spend month (Done)
18. Visit California (Done)
19. Make a D.I. trip (Done)
20. Order new checks (Done)


21. Post every day for 1 month on my blog (Done)
22. Read my entire photography book (Done)
23. Keep an “awesome” list for 1 month (Done)
24. Get a pedicure (Done)
25. Save up for and purchase a Speedlite flash (or other low-light solution) (Done)
26. Don’t complain for 1 week
27. Get a haircut that includes some texture (Done)


28. Have family prayer and scripture study EVERY DAY for 1 month (Done)
29. Memorize 15 scriptures or quotes
30. Complete Personal Progress (Done)
31. Index 1,000 names on Family Search Indexing (Done)
32. In between General Conference sessions, discuss together all talks in the previous Conference (Done)
33. Read the Book of Mormon start-to-finish on my own again (Done)
34. Learn the Relief Society theme completely (Done)
35. Study an attribute of Christ from the Preach My Gospel manual. (Done)

Health & Fitness

36. Strength train 2x per week for 2 months (Done)
37. Lose baby weight or return to a healthy, doctor-recommended weight (Done)
38. Floss daily for 21 days
39. Get a new glasses prescription (Done)
40. Visit the dermatologist (Done)
41. Visit the dentist (Done)
42. Be consistent about Meatless Mondays for 2 months (Done)


43. Have a baby (Done)
44. Re-finish the baby’s dresser (Done)
45. Make a baby blanket
46. Finish baby’s quiet book (Done)
47. Take newborn pictures of the baby (Done)
48. Try making homemade baby food (Done)
49. Make or find wall decoration for baby’s room (Done)
50. Add baby to insurance (Done)
51. Read Parenting with Love and Logic (Done)
52. Get a video camera (Done)

Food & Cooking

53. Don’t eat out for a month (Done)
54. Make homemade jam
55. Make cinnamon rolls or orange rolls
56. Eat at the Melting Pot (Done)
57. Make ravioli from scratch (Done)
58. Make toffee
59. Roast a chicken (Done)
60. Make an Over-the-Top lemon drop cookie copycat (Done)
61. Eat meatless for a month (Done)
62. Make crepes (Done)
63. Make soft granola bars
64. Eat at the organic pizza place near us (Done)
65. Make 3 new ice cream flavors or ice cream treats (1 Done), (2 Done), and (3 Done)
66. Make apple fritters
67. Try frozen hot chocolate
68. Successfully poach an egg
69. Cook dried beans (Done)
70. Make a laminate pastry
71. Make a flavored pasta (i.e. spinach, red pepper, etc.)
72. Cook braciola/braciole

Emergency Preparedness

73. Update our 1-month food storage supply
74. Complete emergency preparedness notebook (Done)
75. Compile emergency preparedness recipes into a binder
76. Assemble food for our 72-hour kits (Done)
77. Gather emergency cash fund for kits (Done)
78. Complete transition to our new budget and savings program (Done)
79. Adapt 72-hour kits to accommodate baby
80. Obtain water purification
81. Purchase 100-hour candles
82. Complete car emergency kit (Done)

Crafts, Sewing, & Projects

83. Make a church ABC quiet book (Done)
84. Sew an apron
85. Make a Blurb-type book (Done)
86. Get or make reusable produce bags (Done)
87. Have my quilt quilted (Done)
88. Organize our old photos (Done)
89. Cut Michael’s hair (Done)
90. Cash in our change(Done)
91. Change the light bulb in the closet (Done)
92. Assemble family photo album (Done)
93. Fill our empty picture frames (Done)
94. Make hard copies of my blog recipes for a physical file
95. Give handmade gifts for Christmas (Done)
96. Send out Christmas cards (Done)
97. Organize the storage closet (Done)
98. Organize our music collection(Done)
99. Make a magnet board
100. Watch 2 movies recommended to us by each parent
101. Compile a new 101 things to do/goal list after this one


  1. This is a great idea! I love to make lists and this idea gives you plenty of time to achieve your goals.

    Get lots of pedicures while pregnant – they are great (even when you can no longer see your feet!) And homemade baby food is super easy! My second son made horrible faces if I tried to feed him the jar stuff.

  2. This looks so great!! I’m excited for all the things you will accomplish. I love all the practical ones like change the light bulb or get sandwich size ziplock bags.. It shows you don’t have to do over the top or complicated things and it also gives you something simple to do when you want to check something off. PLUS, it might get you to do something simple the you typically neglect like cash in change.

    1. I forgot to put the link over it, but there is a great blog I read sometimes that gives great advice on how to do this very thing. You don’t literally not spend a dime, but you are VERY mindful of what you’re spending and basically challenge yourself to spend as little as possible. Here’s a great post about it.

  3. wow, that is an incredible list and I have every confidence you will succeed in meeting your goals!! I’m especially excited about the “make an Over-The-Top Lemon Drop Cookie Copycat”. I can hardly wait!!!!!

  4. I actually recently started revising my list (because my time to do my 104 in 104 is almost up) and I was not nearly as successful as you…but I’ve done some of it! Actually I never finished my list..hmmm..

    I love that you did categories, I am totally copying. Now I need to go pull up the post in blogger and put my revised list in categories.

    Hope you’re feeling great!

  5. I love this list!! I totally didn’t even think about the emergency preparedness stuff. I’m going to have to do those, too, even though it didn’t make the list 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of your baby stuff. I just love everything baby.

  6. You are inspiring to the sluggards amongst us. (me) This is an excellent list for all the reasons mentioned above. Very well done!

  7. As always, I love love love reading your posts. And the 101 in 1001 list couldn’t be greater. Kyle and I never finished constructing our list, but thank you for the reminder.

    Congratulations my sweet Emily on the beautiful news of your sweet baby. Isn’t it amazing how one can be so enamored with a beating heart? I can’t wait to see all your excitement continue through your blog as Baby gets bigger and bigger!! =)

  8. I love that I was redoing my list and googled lists to get ideas and came across yours! I stole a couple ideas. These lists are tough! 😉

  9. I was checking out your 101 things to do list and I thought I could help you with #2. I LOVE my reuseable bags and they are so easy to care for. I rarely use zip-locks anymore. The desings are great and my husband even uses the ones I got him!


  10. Hi, Emily.
    Love your site! I’m going to try your herb boule today, and noticed that #55 on your list was “Make cinnamon rolls or orange rolls”. Here’s a recipe that’s got some of both, and comes from Kate Schaffer of Black Dinah Chocolatiers on Isle au Haut, a small year-round community off the Maine coast. You two would SO get along! Enjoy!

  11. I LOVE THIS! I just made a list for myself of 25 things I want to do before I turn 25. But, I love the idea of doing it as a couple/family. Once I finish the 25 things I will definitely have to do this with the hubs. Ps. Love that you are Mormon. And second, love how this is organized into categories.

  12. How did I know you were LDS… it’s my 6th sense… I always know from a few pages of someone’s blog… it’s a certain ambiance to LDS blogs. 🙂
    How in the world do you do that list and cross it out like that… is there a program, webiste, link.
    If too hard to explain, I will just stick to my non-fancy method I use for my list.

    1. Ginger – WordPress makes it easy. It’s one of the text options (like bold, italics, etc.). I used to do it the “old fashioned” way. If you’re at all familiar with HTML, this is how you code it. Hope that helps!

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