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11 More Picture Books We Love

11 Fantastic Picture Books for your Preschooler from www.onelovelylife.com
So many great books lately. Seriously, I have a gigantic list of share-worthy books that grows faster than I can share them! This batch is made up of books we read and read and read until we couldn’t renew them anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if Santa brings some of them in a few months. My fall book requests have been slowly trickling in, and we’re just getting a chance to sort through them. I hope the next batch of books I share is very fall-ish. Until then, here are some clever, wonderful, beautiful books to enjoy!

1. The Black Rabbit

I don’t know how I missed this book (it came out in 2013), but I just love it! Funny, clever, and great illustrations. Plus the author’s name is Philippa Leathers which is basically as cool as being named Benedict Cumberbatch. Check this one out. It’s terrific.

2. Not All Princesses Dress in Pink

It my be controversial to say it, but I consider myself a feminist who still loves princesses. I especially love princesses who know what’s up and take action (I’m looking at you Anna, Repunzel, and Tiana). Sophie has always been the perfect blend of girliest girl and tough kid. This book is for girls like her. Many girls (and princesses) like the girliest things out there, but that doesn’t mean they can’t ALSO play sports, be smart, work hard, and stand up for themselves.

My other favorite tough princess book is The Paper Bag Princess, which has been a favorite of mine since before I was old enough to know what a feminist was.

3. Train!

The illustrations were darling. We always get a kick out of books about characters who only ever like to play with one thing (like trains). Because Milo basically only ever wants to play with one type of thing (things with wheels). If you like this one, you would also probably like Otto: The boy who loved cars

4. Grandpa Green

This book earned Caldecott Honors for a reason. It’s a beautiful, simple story about a Grandpa who can’t quite remember with his words, but can always remember in his garden. We loved the illustrations and the story is enjoyable on children and adult levels.

(fun fact: this is by the same author as The True Story of the Three Little Pigs)

5. Blue Chicken

A fun book with a rascally chicken and great illustrations. If you want to make an afternoon of it, get out the watercolors after reading and play around with the amounts of water and paint you use. We read this one over and over and over.

6. Miss Lina’s Ballerinas

A great book for ballet lovers with a Madeline feel. This just seemed like the book to read when Sophie’s ballet & tap class started up again. It was charming and we loved that everyone’s names rhymed. I was excited to see there are more books in this series.

11 Picture books we LOVE! // One Lovely Life

7. Red Truck

If you loved Little Blue Truck then you’re likely going to love this one. The story of a red tow truck who saves a busload of stranded school children. Did I mention the driver has a killer mustache?

8. Tea Party Rules

Amy Dyckman is one of my favorite authors. We loved Boy + Bot and thought this book was just as fun. The story of a forest bear who happens upon a tea party and has to pretend to be a teddy bear to get some cookies.

9. Spork

I think this is a great story when you read it straight through, but it’s also an easy way to talk about what it feels like to feel or be different. Spork doesn’t quite fit in with the spoons and doesn’t quite fit in with the fork. How do you think he feels? What should he do? What can you do when you feel left out? It’s a great one.

10. The Day the Crayons Came Home

We’ve been waiting for this book for a long time. After loving The Day the Crayons Quit, we jumped on the wait list for this book at the library the moment we knew they’d ordered it. It was hilarious. The postcards were funny, and Sophie loves the idea of crayons being alive. Plus, Oliver Jeffers did the illustrations which is a surefire bet that I am going to love it. Oliver Jeffers,  you are my illustration spirit animal.

11. Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds

I have a habit of tracking down every book I can by any illustrator we love. After the Lion and the Bird from last month’s book post, I was on the hunt. This book was great! The illustrations are super detailed, so you can spend loads of time on each page playing I-spy or asking questions.

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