A Cozy Book Nook

A Cozy Book Nook – I carved out a calming corner in our bedroom that’s perfect for resting, reading, relaxing, and more.

A little reading nook - A spot to rest, relax, and read a little in our master bedroom. Simple but SO wonderful!

Since we updated our laundry room, we’ve been trying to decide which room to tackle next. Sometimes, doing a whole room at a time isn’t too big of a deal–like that laundry room. Just a few tweaks made a huge difference. But for me, doing a whole room at once often feels REALLY overwhelming. Our living room, for instance, has a few tricky design problems to solve, so we can’t get it done all in one go. Instead, it’s coming together piece by piece, a little at a time.

Our master bedroom is proving to be like that. Our almost 10 year old mattress has two giant pregnancy-created craters in it that make me feel like I’m sleeping in a halfpipe a lot of nights. Our furniture is squeaky, mismatched, and low quality, so when we update, we’ll basically need to start from scratch. Add things like paint, curtains, storage, and decor, and it’s taking a while for us to decide what we want to do in there.

But one thing I was sure of was that I wanted to create a little spot for reading. And that has come together in no time.

The perfect side table for a stack of books. We love this little book nook! A little greenery and color to brighten up our reading nook!

This room gets lots of good light–probably the most light of any room in the house. (It’s actually where I take most of my photos and film most of my videos.) This makes it a perfect spot for cozying up with a book. Our master bedroom has a few different “zones” in it, and each one has a different function, but there was one perfect corner with plenty of space to create a book nook.

It’s nothing too fancy, but it feels so good to have that little space carved out. I envisioned a big squashy armchair, but Michael spotted this one and LOVED it. I figured it wouldn’t be very comfortable, but sat down and was REALLY surprised. This is comfortable for someone 5’2″ (me) and for Michael, who is around 6 feet tall and ALL legs. I can tuck my legs up, I can sit with kids on my lap, and I can perch there to put shoes on in the morning without sinking into it.

Next, I added a little hairpin and wood side table I found at HomeGoods (see below for similar ones) which is the perfect size for a few books, or a drink.

I added some plants for added warmth and color, and I finished things off with some pretty art from Minted.

A perfect little book nook in the master bedroom. A great place to relax, unwind, and read something good! This colorful art from Minted ties everything together!
Love this print from Minted. It's almost as good as buying it from the artist directly!

I bought a big, beautiful framed art print from Minted at Christmas for our living room and was blown away by the quality of the print and the framing. We still don’t have the budget to buy originals from all our favorite artists, but I love that I can buy a high-quality framed print without spending ALL my money. I love that each print I order comes with a little note from the artist. It’s almost as good as buying from the artist directly.

I knew I wanted to go a similar route for our book nook, so I was BEYOND thrilled when Minted offered to send me two prints I’d had my eye on for this book nook. I chose them purely for their color and the restful feeling they give me. (I really love that Sheep at Lunch, and the pink on the Watercolor Nonagons is just perfect).

A cozy little book nook for our master bedroom. The perfect place to rest, relax, and read!

It’s not exactly an oasis, since I’m usually joined by someone the minute I sit down, but I love how simple and bright it feels. It’s just what I hoped it would be.

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I was not compensated for this post. I purchased a giant print for our living room and loved the quality so much I asked Minted if I could share my experience with you. Minted graciously sent me two prints perfect for this room (with no strings attached). All opinions are my own. 


    1. It is! I picked it up at Target in the patio section. It was super realistic (I’ve been looking for MONTHS). It had color variation, bends, wasn’t too shiny or too matte, and irregularities. I love it.

  1. I have my eye on like 5 Emily Jeffords prints. I follow her on instagram and want all the prints! I think I’m buying one for our entry/great room – but I have analysis paralysis about the frame. Which frame did you choose? White? Brass? Wood? On a related note – if only you lived next door and could come advise me in person!

    p.s. I love that little stool.

    1. I LOVE watching and “watching” her work on Instagram. She’s amazing. I went with the plain white frame and I LOVE it so much. It lets the painting shine while still looking finished. I’m so happy with it! (I’ll post a picture soon).

      Also – TOTALLY wish we were neighbors.

  2. Love this post and how exciting to have your own little nook to read! You deserve it!
    Random, but where did you get that adorable sweatshirt you have on? 😀

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