Primary author, cook, and photographer, hopeless romantic, and list-maker extraordinaire.

Emily does most (as in all) of the writing around here. In another life, she got a degree in Public Health and worked as a lifestyle counselor, helping people with their health and fitness goals. These days, she chases after babies and is learning how to be a mother. She loves all things fancy–dresses and cardigans, British novels, and Scharffen Berger chocolate, among other things. She is a lover of nearly all things girly and absolutely all versions of “and they lived happily ever after.” She has never figured out what to do about her freckles and will probably never figure out her hair.

Resident comedian, smile-bringer, opener of jars, and reacher of all things up high

Michael is known for his dashing good looks, dreamy brown eyes, and sharp wit. He is quite often the brains of the operation and gets most of the laughs around here. He’s pursuing double MBA degrees by day and is a superhero by night. He heartily dislikes mushrooms and just as heartily adores New York-style pizza. He will probably continue to look like he’s 20 until he’s 73.
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Firstborn, getter of wicked bedhead, and fruit lover.

Sophie joined the family in 2011 and has since kept us all on our toes learning new things. Not to be biased or anything, but you may have noticed she is incomprehensibly adorable. She has an ardent love for fruit, Flynn Ryder, and anything involving outside, running, or playing in the water. In early 2013, Sophie was diagnosed with autism. It’s been a steep learning curve, but we like to refer to it as our new and different life.

Five Fact Friday I One Lovely Life Five Fact Friday I One Lovely Life
Smiley man, possessor of double dimples, and super-flirt.

Milo is our newest addition. Here just a few days into 2013, he’s a dreamboat. No other way around it. His hair is incredible. He’s super flirty and smiles all. the. time. He’s an exceptionally drool-y baby whose favorites include snuggling, long walks, and bubble baths. Seriously.

Our Camera
Sometimes considered the fifth member of the family, our camera is a Canon EOS Rebel XSi digital SLR. We use it for almost everything. Its our first digital SLR and we’re still learning how to use it, since neither of us knows two hoots about photography. I use three lenses–18-55mm, 55-250mm, and 50mm (which is my favorite lens for food). We sometimes use our Sony Cybershot 7.2 megapixel point-and-shoot when we’re traveling light.