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Animal books we’re loving lately.

10 Animal Books We're Loving Lately // One Lovely Life

Both my kids have always loved animal books. I’ve never been a huge animal person, but I’ll admit, I LOVE reading animal books. Here are a few we’ve loved lately…

1. The Odd One Out and Where’s the Pair?

Such a fun set of I-Spy type books. Odd one Out is easier (and more fun, in my opinion), but we also had a lot of fun with Where’s the Pair. Such fun illustrations! People are so talented.

2. Life-Size Zoo and Life-Size Farm

Thanks to Janssen who recommended Life-Size Zoo ages ago on Instagram. This book is HUGE. For my animal lovers, these are really fun to look through since they feature life-size photos of different animals for an up-close look. After the Zoo version, we wasted no time tracking down Life-Size Farm, which was also fun to look through. We can’t wait to track out the aquarium version next.

3. One Gorilla

This was a surprise find one day when (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles) I was at the library without children and therefore had time and freedom to browse the shelves. This was tucked in the wrong place and I was so glad to discover it. Really beautiful paintings and now my kids can correctly identify more types of monkeys than I can.

4. Polar Bear’s Underwear

I’m generally NOT an underwear book fan, but after seeing the cover I couldn’t help checking this one out when we worked on potty training for Sophie. We loved it. It’s cute, there’s no potty-humor, and it has cutouts, which are always fun. We had lots of fun guessing what animal the different pairs of underwear belonged to.

5. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

I enjoy a good “fractured fairy tale”, and this is one I remember liking in elementary school. Sophie thought it was a really funny twist on the usual story.

6. My Rhinoceros

Kind of a random book, but Sophie and Milo just loved it. I thought it was a fun concept, and Milo and Sophie have a lot of fun acting it out. We’ve requested several of his other books, and I can’t wait till they get here.

7. The Whale in My Swimming Pool

A really fun book. My kids think this kind of humor (there’s something obvious but someone doesn’t notice it) is hilarious.

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8. Blown Away!

You know I love good illustrations, and this was a fabulous, fabulous book. Just loved it. Plus, I really want to be friends with the author, Rob Biddulph because his name is so fun to say.

9. Gaston

Sophie absolutely judges books by their covers, and it actually took a few times of checking this book out before she’d let me open it. The moment she did open it, however, she LOVED the book. We’ve read this I-don’t-know-h0w-many-times in the last few weeks. Loved the illustrations and the French poodle names (there’s nothing cuter than hearing Sophie say “Fi-Fi, Foo-Foo, Ooh La La, and Gaston” other than when she says “Antoinette.” Love.

10. Sparky!

I know most of you don’t know my dad, but if he were to write a book about a pet sloth, I think this is the book he’d write. Sparky is the story of a little girl who wants a pet. Her mom says sure, so long as it isn’t loud and doesn’t need to go on walks. What better pet than a sloth? The illustrations and text just made me laugh.

Naturally, there are too many animal books out there to possibly list them all here, but what other books have you loved lately?

Anything I should check out? 

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