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Books for Cold Days

Books for Cold Days - A little something to keep you cozy in the cold. from www.onelovelylife.comI’ve already talked about our favorite Christmas books, but there are so many good winter and snow books out there. We like to joke that some states (the ones with snow) “celebrate” winter. We don’t live in one of those states at the moment. But whether the weather is snowy or simply cold where you live, here are a few of our favorite cozy books for cold days…

The Snowy Day. I wouldn’t be doing my civic duty if I’d skipped this one. It’s a classic (and Caldecott winner) for a reason. We love the illustrations and the simplicity of the story. Both kids asked to read this one over and over. It’s simple, beautiful, and perfect.

Blizzard. I love John Rocco. His book Blackout is one of our favorites for the summer season, and Blizzard is a fun telling of his own childhood story of his town getting snowed in. We love the illustrations and read it until we couldn’t renew it anymore. Highly recommend.

Red Sled. This is a completely charming book told entirely through pictures and sound effects. There aren’t any actual words, but the sounds you’re prompted to read absolutely tell the story. My kids LOVED this, and I did too.

Soup Day. I’ve mentioned this one before as a great one for getting kids in the kitchen. I love that it takes you start-to-finish to the market, to preparing the soup, to playing while it simmers, and finally eating it when dad comes home. There’s a recipe at the end that you can use, but it’s also just plain great for keeping you cozy inside on a cold day.

The Little SnowplowA new release this year, The Little Snowplow is Milo’s nomination and I’m totally with him on this one. The book takes place in a mountain ski town (very Park City-ish). The Little Snowplow is facing his first winter on the Mighty Mountain and the other trucks don’t think he can keep up. It’s a little bit “Little Engine that Could” and the illustrations were just stellar.

Snowmen All Year. This is actually written by my friend Heidi’s parents. (I fell in love with the books before she told me her parents were the authors.) Her mom writes and her dad does the art. Isn’t that magical? There are lots of hidden things to find on each page, and Sophie especially can’t get enough of that. (We love the other Snowmen books they’ve written too!)

Sugar White Snow and Evergreens. The book’s tagline is “A winter wonderland of color.” A perfect description, really. This book follows some little ones whose parents wake them up early and take them on an adventure to tap sap from maple trees for syrup. I always love a start-to-finish process book, but this one has the added benefit of highlighting the beautiful colors they see along their way. Don’t worry–in the end, there’s a steaming stack of fresh pancakes. Serve breakfast for dinner with this one for best results.

Ten on the SledYou can read this book to the tune of “There were ten on the bed,” which both my kids loved. Sophie could never quite remember the words but tried singing it to herself all the same. Too many animals on the sled and they all fly, bounce, jump, or jostle their way off. The drawings are really fun and it’s sure to be your tune cootie for a few days.

A Perfect Day. This would be such a perfect book to read sitting in front of a window on a snow day. It’s got a gentle pace and walks through some of the very best parts of a snowy day as a child. Sophie especially loved that her name and her cousin Sadie’s name were in the book. We read that page more than any other.

What are your favorite cold-weather books?

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