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Books our Kids Love as Much as We Did

Books from my Childhood I can't wait to share with my own kids // One Lovely Life

I grew up in the home of two parents who loved to read. Perhaps it’s the selective memory of adulthood, but I can’t ever having to be cajoled into reading. My summertime goal as a teen was to read 50-75 books per summer, and I did it every year of high school and most of junior high school. All that to say, I’ve always loved reading.

I’ve been nostalgic for some of the books I loved as a child, and it’s been so fun to introduce my kids to books I loved. It’s been even more fun to see them love them like I did. Here are a few of our favorites…

1. The Frances Books.

I loved the Frances books when I was growing up.  It delights me to no end that Sophie loves Bread and Jam for Frances and Bedtime for Frances. We’ve requested the others from the library and I can’t wait for them to arrive soon!

p.s. if your child likes audiobooks or listening to stories in the car, look for the Frances Audio Collection at your library. They’re one of the few audiobooks I cared for when I was little.

2. Tikki Tikki Tembo.

Is there any child who doesn’t love Tikki Tikki Tembo? The name is so fun to say! Sophie also thinks it’s hilarious to name other things around our house “Nicky Nicky Tembo” or “Ricky Ricky Tembo.” Oh, preschool humor. I will say that as an adult, I’m sort of horrified at how awful everyone in the book is to the little brother. And that mom! I want to give her a stern talking to.

3. Danny and the Dinosaur.

I loved all the books we owned by Syd Hoff when I was little, but Danny and the Dinosaur was probably my favorite. A dinosaur who comes to life in the museum? Getting to play all day long with one? Good stuff, friends. Good stuff.

4. Rosie’s Walk.

I remember thinking Rosie’s Walk was such a funny picture book, and it is! My kids think the fox who is constantly (unintentionally) outfoxed by Rosie the hen is hilarious. The illustrations make me super nostalgic.

5. Little Bear.

We love Little Bear at our house. I remember loving the story of Birthday Soup and getting dressed to go play in the snow. The children’s tv series is one of the gentlest, mildest shows out there. Our kids love it.

 6. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is Michael’s favorite book from childhood. It’s been on his list to share with our kids since before they were born. How lucky it is we have children who love food!

7. Frog and Toad.

We had several Frog and Toad books growing up, and I loved them. Simple stories of good friends and  adventure.


  1. My two year old is obsessed with Danny and the Dinosaur right now! He got that and Oliver, also by Syd Hoff, and demands they both be read each day before nap, and bedtime. One of my favorites when I was little was Sherlock Chick’s First case, I’m hoping to be able to get my hands on a copy for his birthday in August!

  2. Ah the Frances books! Thank you for that reminder, because I loved those!

    I am an avid reader, and it makes me insanely happy to see my 17 month old already enjoying books. We actually just moved and there is a library NEXT DOOR. #jackpot

    I love seeing your current favorites on kids books Emily!

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