circle quilt – part 1

circle quilt 1

This week while waiting around for the dryer repairman to come for a visit (I was told he’d be here between 8-5 sometime between Tuesday and Thursday), I sewed a quilt top.

circle quilt 2

I followed this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew (the girl is a genius!). The only modification I made was that I made my big squares 10″ and my circle squares 8″ (Makes sense when you read the tutorial).

circle quilt 3

I think I’m going to add a striped border around the outside and then do the binding in either dark brown or the deep red polka-dot fabric. Not sure yet. We’ll see. But I wanted to show my progress. It’s looking fun!

circle quilt 4

Michael was a champ to hold the blanket up for an eternity while I snapped pictures inside and out. The lighting wasn’t fantastic, but ah well. You don’t mind, right?

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  1. That looks fantastic!! I have a quilt top sewed too, but I don’t know how to actually quilt or bind, so I have to find someone to help me with that part!

  2. How nonchalant you are…”I just sewed a quilt top while I was waiting.” Like it was nothing! You are truly talented! I made a quilt top, too. But it was much simpler and probably took me twice as long. How’s that for you? I sure miss you ’round these parts.

  3. WOWERS!

    You are amazing! It turned out so lovely!!! Congratulations!!!!! (And, Michael did a wonderful job of helping with the photography! 🙂

  4. That looks so awesome Emily!!! Hey um so I have oodles of questions for you RE: you quiet books you made. I am wanting to make one and am having a hard time. Let me know when you have a minute to talk 🙂 Hope you are doing well. We sure miss you.
    Shell (and Jayd)

  5. I’ve really enjoyed your website. I’m Rachel (Goodwin) Hair’s mom f rom Walla Walla. I’m going to try and make this quilt. Got my squares and circles cut out and put together. Now to sew it up. Thanks. Rachel said she used to work with you at the card center at BYU.

    1. I DID work with Rachel. She was training for a marathon and outshining the rest of us 🙂 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site and hope that your quilt comes together just the way you want it to!

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