Confetti Conversation Starter Eggs

These Confetti Eggs are stuffed with conversation starters which makes them the perfect Easter centerpiece. Crack them open to keep the conversation going!

How to Make Confetti Easter Eggs - These hollowed out eggs are secretly stuffed with a surprise!
This post is written in partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market and the happy egg co. All opinions are my own. 

I’ve had such fun this year dreaming up different spins on Easter classics. We’ve been working on creating a fun Easter menu from start to finish and my kids have both been so excited about the process. Now that they’re finally into the holidays, we’ve had so much fun creating new traditions, celebrating with homemade decorations, and dreaming up holiday menus to go along with them.

We wanted to try some different approaches to Easter eggs this year, and these confetti conversation eggs were one of those fun new experiments we tried. They look so fun and festive as an Easter centerpiece. Best of all, when you crack them open, there’s a secret surprise inside!

These Confetti Easter Egg craft makes the perfect Easter centerpiece. Each egg is stuffed with a surprise inside! (made with @happyeggcousa eggs)
I started with hollowed out happy egg co eggs that we blew out (don’t toss those golden egg yolks and whites–I’ve got a great recipe to use them coming soon!). We washed and dried them, and then I had the idea to put something secret inside.

While you could certainly turn them into something like “fortune cookie” eggs, or love note eggs, I decided to fill them with conversation starters–little questions and prompts to keep the conversation going over Easter brunch or dinner. They’re the perfect little something for gathering with friends and family and they’re SO easy to make. Here’s how I did it:

How to Blow Out an Egg (+Creative things to do with them!)

1. Blow out the eggs.

This is best done a little ahead of time so your eggs have time to dry after you wash them. I’ve found that it’s a grown-up job.

To blow out eggs, prick the top and bottom of the egg with a push-pin or sharp needle (working gently so you don’t crack the whole thing). Next, widen the bottom hole with a bamboo skewer and use the skewer to break up the egg yolk a bit.

Then, place a straw over the top (small) hole and use it to blow out the contents of the egg through the bottom (larger) hole into a bowl. Save those yolks and whites!

When the eggs are blown out, rinse them thoroughly with soapy water and allow them to dry completely. (Some people prefer to use bleach water with about 1 Tbsp of bleach per 4 cups of water. I prefer soapy water to bleach.)

Everything you need to make Confetti Easter Eggs (with @happyeggcousa eggs!) These make the perfect Easter centerpiece!

2. Prep your work area.

When your eggs are dry, prep your work area. I like to lay down a piece of parchment paper. You’ll need:

My eggs were a beautiful natural brown, so I chose a paper confetti blend that had peach, pink, purple and aqua. It looked so perfectly springy and happy!

Fill these confetti eggs with a surprise! Try my free printable conversation starters, fortunes, Easter poems, love notes, or treasure hunt clues!

3. Stuff with your surprise!

Roll or fold up your strips of paper and insert them into the bottom hole of the egg. If you don’t want to do conversation starters, you could also put little fortunes for “fortune cookie” eggs, favorite Easter poems, love notes, or treasure hunt clues!

Brush eggs with a craft sealer (like Mod Podge) and roll in confetti. These make the CUTEST Easter centerpiece! Confetti Conversation Starter Eggs - This adorable Easter centerpiece comes with a surprise inside!

4. Apply the confetti.

Pour out a small pile of confetti onto your parchment paper. Using a foam brush, dab or brush on a thin layer of craft sealer. Then, roll the egg in the paper confetti. Use your foam brush to gently dab the confetti in place (if some pieces are poking out, don’t worry!)

Confetti Conversation Starter Eggs - This adorable Easter centerpiece comes with a surprise inside! Gorgeous Confetti Eggs ready to go! We used @happyeggcousa eggs for these, and they turned out so cute! The perfect Easter centerpiece (with a surprise inside!)

5. Dry completely.

Place your eggs on a drying rack–you can actually re-use your egg carton as a perfect drying rack for your eggs. Just flip it over and it’s the perfect size and shape! Allow them to dry completely.

If desired, use another thin layer of craft sealer to poke down any stray confetti pieces. Allow to dry completely.

Then you can just gather them all up and place them in a bowl or on a platter with a little paper grass and call it a day! Keep a small bowl at the table for empty shells as you take turns cracking open the eggs to read the prompts. It’s so much fun!

Adorable Confetti Conversation Starter Eggs - These adorable eggs have surprise conversation starters inside! Made with @happyeggcousa eggs! #truefreerange
A little bit about happy egg co. eggs:

I love and use happy egg co. eggs regularly because of their incredible approach to cage free chicken farming. Their chickens are given WAY more open space (including play structures) to peck, roost, and move. All that leads to great tasting eggs with deeply golden colored yolks that I use in everything from my morning breakfast to baking projects. I pick them up at my local Sprouts for a great price and can’t recommend them enough. (See one of my favorite recipes using them here


These Confetti Easter Egg craft makes the perfect Easter centerpiece. Each egg is stuffed with a surprise inside! (made with @happyeggcousa eggs)

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