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Custom Framing Family Memories

Custom Framing Your Family Memories – We tried out Framebridge for custom framing our family memories. It was the perfect online solution getting digital photos framed!

So happy with our first Framebridge order! I uploaded digital files and got custom prints sent to my home!

This post is written in partnership with Framebridge, who provided a discount code for me to use on my frame. Affiliate links are included in this post, I’ll be compensated if someone clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase. All opinions are my own. 

I come from a line of people who love taking photos. I remember MANY nights sitting in our dark living room with quilts watching slides of my dad’s photos–photos of his time as a missionary in South Africa, of my mom by the window with my oldest sister (their first baby) in their small student apartment in college, and my brother and sisters in all the different places we lived growing up, too.

He came by his love of it naturally. His dad, my grandpa (who we just call Grampa) was also a photographer. He flew planes in the Air Force and took photos on his different assignments, in all the different places his family moved, and in all different stages of life.

His photos were shot manually, snapped with care, and so incredibly beautiful. He’s got an eye for composition and manages to capture magic SO much more than I ever do (especially with my digital take-as-many-as-you-want-because-you-can-delete-the-mistakes-later mentality).

Fast forward to me, a blogger who does a lot of photography with a little daughter and son of my own. Milo has been forever obsessed with vehicles. Even when he was just barely talking (and he was an early talker!), he was making “behicle” sounds. He became especially enamored with airplanes, so I immediately thought, “I should email Grampa and see if he could send me pictures of some of his planes!”

I took digital prints and uploaded them to Framebridge to get custom framed prints sent to my home!

What followed was a few of my favorite months ever. Grampa sent me a message every few days, packed with pictures and stories we looked so forward to. It closed so much of the distance between us (we don’t live near him and my kids have only gotten to meet him a few times), and really developed the sweetest relationship between him and my kids.

I wanted to capture that magic forever, so I put all the photos and stories into a little book we read through regularly. But as we’ve been working our way through home projects, I also wanted to frame some of the photos for our house. I wanted something meaningful and beautiful, which led me to Framebridge. I’d heard of them through Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast and had heard such great reviews.

Framebridge offers two different kinds of photo framing. You can actually send in your physical photos or prints and have them framed, or you can submit digital files (your own photos, something from their Penguin print collection, or prints you’ve purchased from a digital print shop).

I went with digital files (since that’s what I have from all those emails), and the process was SO quick and easy. I could easily upload my file, choose a frame size, and pick a frame. It literally took 5 minutes. They gave plenty of options, and you can even ask for tips if you’re feeling lost, or get help designing a gallery wall.

Ordering custom prints from Framebridge was SO easy! It literally took 5 minutes!

The ordering process was slick and easy, and I received my order remarkably quickly. I’m SO happy with how it turned out! It arrived in perfect condition, packaged carefully with all the hardware we needed to hang it. The quality is gorgeous. It’s well-constructed, bright, crisp, and beautiful. It matches the way I feel about my grandpa’s photos, and I can’t wait to order more prints soon! I’ve got my eye on their limited edition Penguin children’s books prints for the playroom.

And, even if you only shoot photos with your phone, you can STILL get quality prints with beautiful frames! They also have an Instagram option, where you can get prints of Instagram photos. They’re the perfect size for tucking in different spots around your house or creating an Instagram wall of your favorites.

If you’re looking to get prints or photos framed for your home, I can whole-heartedly recommend using Framebridge. Our entire process was so smooth and easy, and I’m so happy with the quality!

Custom frame your memories with Framebridge! Send in digital files or mail in prints and they'll frame them for you!

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(Ad) Custom Framing Your Family Memories - We tried out @framebridge for custom framing our family memories. It was the perfect online solution getting digital photos framed!


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