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Our Favorite Kids’ Art Supplies + Ways to Get Creative

Our Favorite Kids' Art Supplies + Ways to Get Creative! // One Lovely Life

One of my FAVORITE parts of being Sophie’s mom is working on art projects. Sophie loves being creative, whether its with markers, paints, crayons, stickers, or anything else. Milo could care less about anything craft-y or artsy at the moment, but having Sophie work on a little project while I’m cooking or she’s upset really helps keep her calm and collected. They get me through “toddler hour” at my house, and I thought I’d share a few of our favorite art supplies, in case anyone else is looking for a bit of inspiration.

Our Favorite Art Supplies + Ways to Get Creative! // One Lovely Life

Getting Started:

One of the biggest barriers to this sort of play is all the mess. I’ve found a few things really help me get over that and that help us have fun. 

1) A plastic tablecloth. Target carries seasonal ones all the time. They’re plastic on top with the soft flannelly underside. We use these all the time. I can wipe them off after we paint, set them under a container of beans or sand, and I don’t have to worry about getting things on them.

2) Child-size bibs. We use these great child-size bibs from Bumkin. They’ve got sleeves and are large enough to cover their entire shirt/top. Certainly a big t-shirt or paint shirt/smock will work. We just also use these for mealtimes, so we always have them on hand. They wipe off well, and I’ve even tossed mine in the washer (then air dried) with great results. We love them.

3) A water cup and baby wipes. If your child hesitates to get messy (Sophie does), these are great. I’ve taught her that she can simply wipe her hand off if she gets paint on it rather than using her shirt, the table, her hair (or even just panicking). Washing her brush off in the water also helps keep her happy (and the paints nice and neat).

4) Paint/Marker weight paper. If you like, I’ve found pant and marker weight paper maintains it shape well when wet, and dries well if you want to display what you’ve made later. Otherwise, printer paper will get the job done.

The Best Kids' Art Supplies + Ways to Get Creative // One Lovely Life

Markers That ONLY Write on Paper.

These little Color Wonder markers are a lifesaver. They’re a touch pricier than classic washable markers, but I love them. Coloring is one of the things I set little ones up with at the kitchen table when I’m cooking. While I’m taking something out of a million degree oven, Milo can slip down from the table and over to the living room furniture/walls/his body. These markers eliminate the major stress of turning around to see surprise artwork around the house, and a simple reminder of “Milo, markers go on the paper” is enough to keep us on track most of the time. It’s worth it to me.

Our favorite Color Wonder books:

If you’d rather go the standard marker route, I highly recommend that you double check you’re buying washable markers. It’s worth the price difference (just a few pennies) to be able to easily wash everything out.

Do a Dot Markers + Our Favorite Ways to Get Creative // One Lovely Life

Do a Dot Markers.

These are a favorite among preschool teachers. They’re great for a lot of developmental areas (messy play, pencil grip, motor coordination), they’re also great for creativity. The mess is mostly contained since they work rather like self-contained stamps. The paint is fairly washable (though we still wear bibs while we use them).

We have the basic set and brilliant set (they make great Christmas or birthday gifts!) There are special books you can buy to paint with them, but there are also free printable pages (see below), and you can always use them freestyle.

Our Favorite Art Supplies + Ways to Get Creative // One Lovely Life


If you’re just starting with painting, I absolutely 100% recommend starting with kids’ watercolors. They’re washable, they’re inexpensive, they’re lovely. Feel free to start with the basic set. Once your kids have gotten the hang of painting, we lovelovelove the three pack of paints. The pastels and bolds are gorgeous, and you get a little variety. I can often find these for a good price at Target. (I’ve also learned that Crayola really does wash out better than RoseArt brand.)

duo paint2


It is an act of love that made me risk all the mess that paint can cause. We got a lot of it out of the way for Sophie when she was younger. I’d sit her in her high chair (over tile) in just her diaper and let her paint. It got everywhere, so a bath afterward was just an accepted part of the process.

These days, she’s much tidier, prefers a brush, and only needs her bib to cover her dress. We use these little Crayola Washable Kids Paints. Thus far, they’ve washed out of everything they’ve touched, and wiped right off our table. They’re the messiest paints we’ve tried, but they work beautifully. These are the paints Sophie’s used for her rainbow veggies. They’re available at Amazon and Michael’s, but we got some at Target this Christmas for $5. Check there first!

Also, if your child struggles with messy play, this mess-free finger painting was what we started with for Sophie. It was a cinch to clean up. We’d sometimes tape the bags to the window for some sunlight fun.

Change things up: try using these paints with Q-tips or fruit or vegetable “stamps” (cut celery, apples, potatoes, etc.)

duo sand

Kinetic Sand. 

Disclaimer: I hate sand. I don’t like sandy feet. I don’t like sand in my house. BUT. Our occupational therapist introduced us to Kinetic Sand and it’s magic. It sticks to itself (not to your hands!), it’s moldable, malleable, and it won’t dry out. It’s good for kids who are working on texture sensitivity.

The only downside is that it is pricey for sand. We got ours at Michaels, which has sale coupons regularly. Ours was 50% off and it’s great. You can play with it like regular sand (sandcastles, etc.) or you can use rubber stamps on it.

Also note: we can’t for the life of us trust Milo with this stuff, since he will lob handfuls of anything he’s holding across the room at any time. While it does stick to itself, and it cleans up well on tile or a plastic mat, it is a bugger to get out of carpet. Don’t let that happen to you.

Our Favorite Art Supplies + Ways to Get Creative // One Lovely Life

Foam Stickers.

Our occupational therapist LOVES having her clients (including Sophie) work with foam stickers. Peeling off the little white paper on the back of them requires lots of fine motor coordination, and they’re really self-motivating because the sticker acts as a natural reinforcement for all that hard work! We get big packages seasonally at Target, but Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry them all the time on sale.

Other ways to play with them:

  • Paint or draw a scene and then tell a story with the stickers you add to the page.
  • Practice counting, colors, shapes, animal sounds, patterns, and letter recognition. These are great for conversation and verbal skills.

Printable Coloring Pages

Sometimes, the coloring book runs out at just the wrong moment. Sometimes, you’re looking for a page to support a theme or holiday you’ve been talking about. Here are a few of our faves…

The BEST Kids' Art Supplies. Everything you need to inspire creativity (and stay sane!)

 What are YOUR favorite art supplies?
Any pages or blogs I should check out?
Shout it out in the comments and shop the widget below!


  1. I love all your ideas on here for art supplies. Thanks. I get foam stickers and bingo markets (instead of the pricey do a dot ones) at the dollar store. Love them.

  2. I loved seeing your Do a Dots! We had those growing up and just finally retired that set almost 30 years later!!! My sisters and I used them all through high school- welcome home signs, happy birthday banners, greeting cards, gift wrap, you name it! They are incredible and last forever!

  3. You are so incredible!! I’ve been trying to do more crafty stuff with Henry but need to get some more art supplies. This is perfect. Also, that tablecloth idea is genius! Thank you!!

  4. I bought a set of 12 paint brushes from Chameleon Art Supplies on Amazon.com for my niece as her Christmas gift and she loves them!  I’d definitely recommend them to you guys because for $29.99 they are incredibly good value. See it here:
    They send me awesome art tutorial videos over email now just for being a customer which I’ve never heard of before!  They’re giving away premium paint brushes on promotion for just $1 at the moment, though I’d share with you all!  You can get yours here:  

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