free printable bunting


A few posts ago, I mentioned I’d made a bunting banner to go over our bed as a placeholder. We’d really love to find some fantastic art piece or photograph to go over our bed, but we have yet to find the perfect thing.

And that big, blank, white, high-gloss, textured wall was staring us in the face. In a really depressing, boring sort of way.



I did some research and found a simple solution on How About Orange (one of my FAVORITE blogs–you should really check it out): Free printable Bunting!

True, bunting is mostly meant for birthday parties and children’s bedrooms, but we figured it’s colorful, and we’re youngish. It will work just fine as a placeholder for now.

The only cost involved was for the printing (I had lots of white ribbon on hand for stringing it). Most letters only come in a single color/pattern, but some of the more common letters (vowels) have several options. Download them all to have on hand for a quick party decoration.


  1. I love your bunting! It is perfect above your beautiful bed and pillow. ­čÖé

    I also happen to love high gloss, textured walls. Juts wait until you get to feel my untextured, flat paint, slightly dry-slightly sticky-really needs some lotion walls. Double Bleh. It will give you a whole new perspective on wall paint.

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