Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend + Weekend Links – A few fun things to take you into the weekend, including a cool kid’s bedroom, zucchini bread show-down, and more!

Family on Gadget Go Coaster at Disneyland

Happy weekend! How’d the week go for you? I’ve been feeling more stir-crazy than usual right now and really missing travel. Of any kind. To anywhere. We’ve been looking through photo books of trip pictures and missing Disneyland a lot lately–fun food, rides, the music, the feeling of being on vacation…all of it. Sigh.

Do you have any fun weekend plans? We’ve been sticking very strictly close to home, so our plans (like most weeks for the last few months) have involved things like movie nights, board games, and cleaning/organizing projects. I will for sure be tackling at least one baking project. I’ve made a batch of this the last few weekends to simplify our mornings, and I’m thinking another batch of these is in order.

Now, for some links for the weekend…

I LOVED this interview of Simone Biles recently (the photos were SO GORGEOUS!). Sophie got really into watching gymnastics videos a few years ago after reading about Dominique Dawes in this book, and Simone Biles is our favorite!

PS – While you’re over by Vogue, these little 73 Questions videos are some of my favorites to pop on while I’m editing videos or photos. Gal Gadot, Dan Levy, Awkwafina, Zendaya, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Alicia Keyes are some of my favorites. (Alicia Keys’ HOUSE!!!)

Would you allow your child carte blanche to design their bedroom? This room turned out amazing!

I’m VERY into the side-by-side recipe showdowns The Kitchn has been doing lately–they swear they’ve narrowed down the BEST zucchini bread.

MICHELLE OBAMA IS LAUNCHING A PODCAST. I haven’t recovered from the news. Literally still squealing as I type this.

Dishwasher pros tell us the 5 things we should be doing with our dishwashers to keep them running smoothly. Ours has been on the fritz lately, so we appreciated this!

StudioDIY has been running a baby names series lately. We’re 100% done having kids, but I could talk about baby names alllllll day. (Also: how to create a gallery wall!)

Really appreciating this post about going back to school and what that’s looked like for Gabrielle Blair, an American living in the French countryside right now. She touched on so many perspectives and concerns. I felt so seen and validated!


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