Happy Weekend + Weekend Links

Happy Weekend + Weekend Links! A Jane Austen spin-off I’m digging, a few makeup picks, the CUTEST shoes, kitchen tips, and more! 

Looking down at Trader Joe's Flower section

We’re headed into our last weekend of summer break! We start school remotely on Monday (we’re on a modified year-round schedule), and I’m pretty nervous about the school year.

It looks like we have GREAT teachers (which I’m SO grateful for), and I know everyone is doing what they can to make the best of this pretty impossible situation. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to sort out how to manage work/school/life now that the schedule is going to be so different again. (Fingers crossed!)

As the mom, I usually feel like I set the emotional thermostat in the house, so I’m doing my best to find ways to “set” things on a positive, hopeful path, and be ready to support littles as we transition into another new routine. Some of that is things like our traditional cookies + milk for snack on the first day of school, but most of it is much less fun and chocolate-filled. Most of it looks more like going to bed early, exercising, meditating, and helping myself to the floral section at Trader Joe’s ($5 blooms for life!).

I don’t know if anyone else needs the reminder that you can’t pull from an empty well, but if you do, consider this full permission to do something (or things!) that give you the energy you need to show up. I’m cheering for you!

Now, for some links for the weekend…

One Lovely Life in the Wild! We were included in this (yummy-looking) post about the best fruit popsicles for summer. I love popsicles!

SUPER identifying with this Things I Want From Books comic.

Speaking of books, I just started listening to Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors and I’m very into it. It’s Pride & Prejudice with a genius Indian-American neurologist in the Elizabeth Bennett part and a chef whose artist sister needs brain surgery in the Mr. Darcy part. Jane Austen, brilliant women, cooking, and witty writing all in one. So, like a bunch of my favorite things.

So many people are making masks and donating to great causes right now! Food52 just launched these cloth masks and donate to No Kid Hungry with each purchase. While you’re there, check out this article about Klancy Miller, creator of For The Culture, a food magazine focused on and created by Black women. (Her strawberry shortcake for one looks AMAZING!)

I bet you didn’t know your blender could do all this! (Plus, learn the easiest way to clean a blender!)

VERY tempted to get one of these creative kits. So many ways to play if you’re hunkering down at home!!!

Joy Cho just launched a collection of SERIOUSLY CUTE shoes with Keds this week! I love ALL of her collaborations, and these shoes are the perfect way to add a little happy sunshine to your life whether you’re safe at home, out at work, or getting outside for some fresh air. (I love these ones the most!)

Sephora’s running a big promotion right now, so I stocked up on some of my favorites:

Remember New Year’s Resolutions? When we were younger, more carefree, and not home all the time? Me too. If you’ve been feeling a little blah lately, you’re not alone. We may not be able to check off some of the goals we set in January, but there are some things we can still do to make a difference in how each day feels. This little list was a good reminder for me! I swear by #1 and #2, and #7 changed my life a few years ago!


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