Happy Weekend + Weekend Links

Happy Weekend + Weekend Links. A recap of our first week back to school, how we’re celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday, a crowdsourcing question, and more! 

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Happy Weekend, Friend!

This was our first week back to (virtual) school, and although there were some pretty fancy scheduling gymnastics in place to get things done and get people logged in when they needed to be while two adults work from home, I was pleasantly surprised by how well things went.

Our teachers (BLESS THEM. BLESS ALL THE TEACHERS.) have been so patient, and have thoughtfully, carefully thought of ways to use digital resources to support learning at home. There isn’t a perfect solution right now, but I appreciate that our teachers are working SO HARD to help things run smoothly and to provide support.

I turned a corner a bit energy-wise this week. While I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed and a bit down the last couple of weeks, this week felt a little more energized and it felt a little easier to find and see the good.

This weekend, we’re celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday (it’s today!) with a movie and a “trolley” of candy (just a bunch of movie candy in a box that acts as our Hogwarts Express treat trolley). I’m hoping to squeeze in an early-morning bike ride and do a face mask.

Now, for some links to send you into the weekend…

  • Speaking of Harry Potter, if you haven’t already heard about these illustrated editions, we LOVE them. They’re a great intro to Harry Potter that younger kids can engage with, too. I read them out loud and my kids loved the illustrations. Summer’s the perfect time for a good read-aloud book!
  • I’ve been using this natural topcoat for the last month in my (perpetually) at-home manicures, and it’s the best natural topcoat I’ve tried so far. I was using this Essie one before, which is a really good (if not natural) topcoat.
  • I got very into this taste test of meat-like veggie burgers by a 4th-generation NYC butcher. I haven’t tried any of the options before, but I’ve heard so much about several of them. If you’ve tried the options in the taste test: which did YOU like? Which would you recommend? (I’d love to see one for black bean burgers! Usually, I prefer my veggie burgers solidly in the veggie category.)
  • I don’t know who needs to see this video, but it made me cry one morning this week. In a good way. (Also: if you haven’t already, it’s time to follow Tabitha Brown. She is sunshine incarnate.)
  • Definitely still checking house listings all over the world (because that’s where I am in my at-home life), so I am totally living vicariously through this gorgeous weekend cottage flipped for 80k. Mostly, I can’t get over the lush setting! It looks perfect for a summer evening or playing outside with littles during the day!
  • If you’re still looking for things to do with kids (when am I not?), I thought this was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. It was part of this round-up of crafts to do in the sun. 
  • Living in breezy tops these days since I don’t want anything tight, restricting, or hot. These tees feel SO comfortable and their lines are polished enough that they can look sleek with flats and nice jeans, or relaxed with sandals + simple accessories. I have the black color, and I’m thinking about the cider color for transitioning into fall.
  • Crowdsourcing: I’d really love to get a treadmill. Do you have one you’d recommend? I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but right now when it’s muggy and 90+ degrees even at 4-5 am, having the option to hop on a treadmill any time to get some steps in without needing to leave the house would be really amazing. Do you have a favorite? I love being able to walk/jog on an incline, but streaming classes isn’t important to me. (I MUCH prefer a solo workout or a workout I can do while listening to/watching something.)



  1. We got ours last year. It has a great incline, pulse indicator, etc… It’s a ‘Horizon’ brand – which we’d never heard of. As dad assembled it, he discovered it was damaged. (While attaching just about the last major piece!) Their Customer Service was fantastic and it was repaired (the part replaced) by a technician, and all was well. I’ll send a picture.z

  2. Wow! Those decoupaged rocks are so cool! Thanks for sharing. (During quarantine, I’m loving roundups even more than usual… it’s like a chance to “hang out” with someone outside my circle!)

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