Happy Weekend + Weekend Links!

Happy Weekend – A kids show we’re liking, kitchen organization tips, fun sales, and more!  

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How did your week go? It was another scorcher this week! I read that AZ has had 32 days over 110 degrees already this year (the record is 33). We’ve been feeling it!

We finished up week THREE of distance learning this week. Our teachers have been SO AMAZING and supportive, even though this is definitely a far from ideal situation. (Seriously–seven million cheers for teachers!!!) Even with their support, this was definitely our most challenging week with balancing work schedules and school schedules.

Do you have any fun plans? To relax a bit, we’re hoping to eat pizza (a local pizza place just started carrying more gluten-free dairy-free options!), watch a movie, and have an ice cream taste test with some new GFDF oatmilk ice cream flavors we found at the grocery store. (S’mores! Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie! Chocolate Salted Caramel!)

Here are a few links for the weekend…

A NEW KIDS SHOW WE’RE LIKING. Besides Bluey (which is my favorite kids’ show of all time–there’s as much in there for grown-ups as kids!), my kids have been getting into Mira, Royal Detective from Disney. We’ve watched a few episodes this week, and the kids have really enjoyed watching for clues to see if they can solve the mysteries before Mira. The music is so fun and the costumes are gorgeous. (Seriously, we’ve all been singing the theme song on repeat.) One of my kids tends to get nervous/anxious when watching movies or shows, and they’ve done GREAT with these cases. They’re all calm enough not to be scary, and I love the growth mindset and kindness of the characters. (Plus, the cast is FANTASTIC!)

LET’S GET ORGANIZED! Are you using this trick for your fridge? I might need to start. (Though I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to write on my actual fridge…) If that’s not doing it for you, maybe some of these freezer organization tips would be a better fit! (We SWEAR by vertical storage!)

SPEAKING OF ORGANIZATION… our favorite 3-tier carts are on sale. We’ve used these to wrangle art supplies (kids), photo props (me!), pantry dry goods, legos, diaper supplies (back in the day), and more. They easily slide in and out of closets, but also look polished enough to keep out in the open. We have them in white and mint, but they come in a bunch of other cute colors, too!

SINCE WE CAN’T ALL SEE EACH OTHER, now’s a great time to connect by mail! These cards from Emily McDowell & friends are some of my FAVORITES. They’re gorgeous, usually funny, and still heartfelt. (Pick up some pretty stamps while you’re at it!

TRYING TO EAT MORE GREENS? This list of spinach recipes is anything but boring. I can’t stop staring at the tomato cannellini bean soup and Classic Spinach Salad (which looks WAY fancier than any spinach salad I’ve made!

A FUN MOM, NOT A REGULAR MOM. Sydney Piercey is WAY more fun than I will ever be. How creative is this!? What would you and your kids have fun making? I can’t get over the washer and the record player!

FALL IS COMING! Which means it’s almost chili and soup season! Le Creuset is running their rare factory-to-table sale right now, which means it’s a perfect time to invest in a Dutch oven! If you want a more budget-friendly option, we LOVE this one, which is just under $50 and has held up really well for us.

NEED A FUN WAY TO CELEBRATE A BIRTHDAY? I loved this list of birthday traditions from around the world. Maybe they’ll spark a fun idea!

SPOTTING a great sale over at Bravery Magazine! This is the best sale I’ve seen! I LOVE this beautiful magazine which centers around a great hero in each issue, with plenty of interactive activities, stories, craft ideas, STEM projects, recipes, and more tucked into the issues. They make an awesome gift or supplement to your at-home school routine! (Also: their next issue is Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and I can’t WAIIIIT!)

AN EASY WAY TO CHECK IN WITH YOUR VOTER STATUS. In case you’re not sure if you’re registered to vote, or not sure what the cut-offs are in your state, I thought I’d share this list of cut-off dates to vote in each state. You can also check your voter registration status, find a polling place, etc. here. We’ve got 81 days till the election, so now’s a GREAT time to check in and make sure you’re registered!


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