Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend + Weekend Links! – Fun new resources for kids, the two things I actually get at the big sale going on, a plant for plant-killers, and more!

Cactus growing outside the Omni Montelucia Hotel

We’re wrapping up week FOUR back to (virtual) school this week, which means we’ve been at this nearly a month!

Temperatures are still crazy high here, but I’ve been starting to test fall recipes, which does my fall-loving soul some good. I’m really excited for temperatures to (eventually) cool down!

Our weekend plans mostly revolve around air conditioning (ha!). We’re hoping to bake some treats (Milo requested these), watch a family movie, tackle some cleaning projects, and maybe play a few board games.

Now, for some links for the weekend…

  • The HereWeeRead Podcast launched this week! Charnaie Gordon of @hereweeread is an expert on quality diverse and inclusive kids literature, and she just launched a PODCAST!!! She shares SO MUCH for free on her Instagram account and her blog (book lists upon book lists upon book lists!), and this podcast is a great way for her to connect with amazing authors in an even more personal way. Take a listen to her first episode, then leave a review! (Reviews help new podcasts get discovered.)
  • Raising Wonder launched The Creative Core this week, and it sounds AWESOME. We’ve done their Creative Kids and Weekly Wonder Nature Camp courses, and this latest option sounds like their best offering yet. Each week’s lesson comes complete with storytime, craft & coloring ideas, STEM ideas, book suggestions, movement activities, recipes, and MORE! This would make a great supplement to at-home learning or homeschooling! And, if that’s outside your budget, they have a $5 Creative Core Mini Subscription with crafts, coloring pages & activities!
  • The Nordstrom sale is in full swing, and I usually try to stay away from everyone’s stories and posts about all the things you should buy-buy-buy. The TWO things I do stock up on are this lash serum and brow serumBoth have really worked for me and this is typically the best deal I see all year. (You basically buy one get one free)
  • Totally laughed out loud when I saw the tagline on this post: “the plant for chronic overwaterers.” It. is. me! Maybe this will solve my perpetually-accidentally-killing-my-houseplants problems?
  • If, like me, you’re a sucker for the “new items” section at Trader Joe’s, you might appreciate this lineup of fun grocery items coming to stores this month. (Or, get suggestions straight from the source!) The dairy-free strawberry ice cream was pretty good! (I want to try the pineapple bbq sauce next!)


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  1. Love this post! So many things to check out. I am curious about the lash and brow serum. I know they are very popular. I wonder if they have hormones in them to make the hairs grow? I will have to investigate that.

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