Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend – A yummy recipe for beginners, new beauty products I’m excited to try, weekend baking plans, and more! 

Sunlight peeking through an orange tree

It’s SEPTEMBER next Tuesday and holy wow. I can’t really believe it! Time is so fastslow right now. Dragging on and flying by at the same time. Can anyone else relate?

Weekend plans at our house include going for a drive–my kids have literally only been to the dentist since March. Nowhere else.

I’m also planning to bake (or rather no-bake) a treat (thinking these because YUM), and do 1-2 little things to meal prep for the week ahead. I’ve got an AMAZING meal prep breakfast coming Monday we’ve been making on repeat.

  • Are you registered to vote? It’s easy to get all the information for the area you live in HERE. (Also: THIS made me laugh a whole lot.)
  • Still looking at home listings in all kinds of dream locations. Hawaii was on the docket this week. Also the outskirts of London.
  • I’ve been feeling very BLAH about basically everything in my closet for the last few months, so this story about women wearing lovely dresses doing everyday things made me very happy. (Not unrelated: anyone want to give me a makeover?)
  • LOVING having a treadmill. I know they’re not for everyone, but right now when it’s oppressively hot/humid and our pandemic school schedule is a bit nuts, it’s felt like a lifeline to be able to “take a walk” any time without having to worry about one of us being here to watch the kids or sweating buckets outside. Plus: audiobooks + shows!!!
  • Since we all started staying home, a lot of people have starting spending time on things they usually skipped or rushed through. If you’ve been upping your skincare game or experimenting with different skincare options, I loved this list of Black-owned natural beauty brands. SO MANY great options to choose from!
  • I’m extra interested in Hyper Skin which specializes in brightening and clearing targeting dark spots & discoloration naturally (thanks for nothing pregnancy melasma I still have 7.5 years after having my last baby!). Also: Rooted Woman, which makes ethical, 10-free nail polish + nail treatments. I’m ordering this red called “Unwavering”. I LOVE the mantras/affirmations they include for each product!!!
  • TOTALLY excited about The Home Edit’s show coming to Netflix in a few weeks! It looks like they’ve got a mix of celebrity homes and regular folks, and I’m HERE for it. (Their organizing book gives you a taste of their style. So fun!)
  • If you need a kitchen project this weekend, try making fruit compote with any fruit. This fruit spread is less fussy than canning jam, and works great for topping toast, oatmeal, yogurt, chia pudding, ice cream, and simple cakes!

Happy Weekend, friends!
Wishing you every good thing!


  1. Thanks for some inspiration these week. My son and I were just talking this am how things/this year has moved so fast and slow at the same time. I’ve been thinking how blah I’ve been dressing so next gonna click on the women’s dresses link. I need to up my game some. I’m on a very restrictive diet these past several months (just found you this am by searching for a pineapple/kale smoothie–which was Delicious!! thanks so much!!)
    but I have hope to try many more of your recipes/lifestyle philosophy as I hopefully get over this dreadful alopecia auto-immune nightmare. A new dress should be a great start. 🙂

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