Happy Weekend + Ideas For Kids!

Happy Weekend + Ideas for Kids – This week we’re sharing 10 of our favorite resources for kids. Perfect for virtual learning, keeping busy, and beating boredom!

3 Kids Magazines on a White Background. Bravery Magazine, Honest History, and Mighty Kind Magazines.

I’m really REALLY excited for a long weekend. We’ve been home for 26 weeks today (bananas!), and even though we’re not going out, getting together with friends, or doing some traveling, I’m looking forward to this weekend without work or virtual school!

My weekend plans include picking up some barbecue, watching a family movie in my pajamas, and maybe ordering this cute dress I saw on Cup of Jo (easy to dress up or down!).

For some reason–maybe it’s my own thinking about it, maybe someone here could really use this–I’ve had kids’ resources and activities on my mind this week. Whether you’re working through virtual learning, looking to supplement a homeschool curriculum, want to beat boredom, or break up the at-home monotony, this week’s links are all kid-focused.

Here are some of our favorites for kids…

Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Collectible Iron-on Patches

RAISING WONDER CREATIVE CORE. Raising Wonder is extending its 35% off sale on their Creative Core curriculum. You can get the first week free to check it out, but each week contains storytime, art activities, recipes, STEM ideas, activities to get you moving, and more. It’d be a great way to supplement at-home learning or add to your homeschool curriculum or just a fun way to get creative with kids at home!

We did their Creative Kids course and Nature Camp course and have loved them. Creative Core looks like the best parts of each, plus WAY MORE.

DITTO KIDS MAGAZINE. I was just introduced to this kickstarter project this week, and I’m ALL in. Ditto Magazine is a twice-yearly magazine designed to help you raise and encourage anti-racist kids. There is gorgeous art, real-life stories, and tools to help you have age-appropriate conversations with your kids. You can learn more about founder Alexandria and her mission here. Then, join me in backing their project! Any little bit helps.

At the time I write this, they’re about 1/3 of the way to their goal with 23 days left. Let’s help them make this a reality! 

BRAVERY MAGAZINE. I’ve written about Bravery magazine I don’t know how many times (a LOT), but I’m not stopping any time soon. Each quarterly issue features a strong hero and role model–their life stories, examples from their life, kids’ stories, crafts, recipes, activities, and more. This quarter’s issue is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but you can also check out past issues, featuring heroes like Yusra Mardini, Maya Angelou, Mae Jemison, Julia Child, Temple Grandin, and more! If a subscription isn’t in the cards right now, or you’d like something quick and easy, you can also get their $5 companion guides, which feature lots of the activities from each issue (a great way to supplement learning, beat boredom, and inspire creativity!)

HONEST HISTORY MAGAZINE. This is a new-ish find for us, and Sophie (9) has especially loved it. Each issue of Honest History focuses on some cool theme or aspect of history, whether it’s spies, pirates, art, the Olympics, space, or the sea. The art is really cool, and there are fun stories and activities to explore and have fun with. We’re enjoying it!

MIGHTY KIND MAGAZINE. Described as “a global community of kids who care,” the Mighty Kind magazine focuses on cultivating a wider worldview while spreading kindness to others, animals, and the planet. Learn about customs and traditions around the world, and read stories from cool kids doing service and volunteer work (including things like creating bee gardens, spearheading recycling projects, or standing up for others).

BOOKMARKS SERIES. The Bookmarks series on Netflix shares brilliant kids books with LOTS of celebrities and guest stars. They bring stories to life, highlight Black voices, and help you start conversations at home. Plus, it’s hosted by a seriously incredible 15-year old. (Check out Marley’s amazing project here.)

EMILY’S WONDER LAB. We just found Emily’s Wonder Lab on Netflix, and it’s so fun! This show is all about kid-friendly science. I love that she has all kinds of cool, creative science projects to engage kids, plus a weekly at-home activity you can try on your own. The episodes tend to be in the 10-15 minute range, so they’re not long, but they are jam-packed with goofy experiments, VERY energetic kids, and clever projects that are sure to get your kids into science. (Plus, Emily–the host–filmed the whole show 9 months pregnant, and I love her for it. And she writes STEM-themed mystery chapter books for kids!)

SUNNIE PRESS. This coloring subscription for kids works for little AND big kids. Each month, you’re sent a fold-out map to color and learn from. Monthly maps include things like coloring pages, activities, and a checklist.

RADDISH KIDS COOKING SUBSCRIPTION. I’ve shared about Raddish Kids several times already, but it’s still worth a mention! We signed up for this kids’ cooking subscription a couple of Christmases ago and LOVED it. Each month you receive three recipes, learn new culinary skills, get a cool kitchen tool and collectible patch, and a fun kitchen or craft activity. (Peek inside this month’s box here.) They also include dietary modifications for each recipe to help accommodate dietary restrictions + allergies, which is great. Each month also includes a homeschool lesson plan if you want to go that route!

(After I wrote all about it last year, Raddish actually reached out and asked if I wanted to help take photos for their monthly kits, so you may see us on their homepage or popping up in their Instagram ads from time to time!)  

YOUNG WILD AND FRIEDMAN. These cool playdough kits and sensory bins from Young, Wild, and Friedman have been our FAVORITE thing during the last few months. We like the mixed 4-pack mini-kits best. Set them up for kids, or put on a podcast or audiobook and let everyone play! (PS – They have a cool 3-month holiday season subscription!)

And, if these are out of your price range, just check them out and create your own! Michaels and Amazon carry a lot of similar manipulatives you can add to whatever play-dough or sensory kit materials you can get your hands on. 


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