Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend – Easy dinners, a surprising home I’d love to buy, books I’m reading, a capsule wardrobe, plus a few likes and links to take you into the weekend!

Front view of a pink bougainvillea plant with blue sky in the background.

Happy October, friends! 

I’m so excited for it to finally start to feel like fall around here. Our highs are still over 100 degrees during the day, but the mornings? The mornings are crisp, and cool, and pink and lovely. We’re on fall break right now, and HEAVENS it’s so nice to be A) not worrying about school work and B) able to go on walks in the morning. October, I’m so happy to see you.

I had a depressing recipe fail last night (RIP pesto chicken meatballs!), so today I’m taking the night off with a snack board dinner eaten on a blanket in the living room. We’ve been doing this for Friday nights quite a bit lately, and it’s really fun! Sometimes, we put on a movie or show to watch; other times we just chat and wind down.

Here are a few likes + links + updates for the weekend…

Overhead view of Emily from One Lovely Life's leopard mules from Target and jeans from American Eagle

Kelly from Studio DIY posted some dreamy real estate listings from around the world this week, and I’ve been daydreaming about buying this 11-acre property ever since. There’s only a tiny cabin, a small pottery studio, a bathhouse, potting shed, and chicken coop there now, but there’s a lovely hill that would be perfect for building a dream home/homestead.

My daydream questions: what would my dream house look like? What would I *do* with 11-acres? Open up tiny cabin Airbnb’s? Host retreats or workshops? Open a photography studio? Host events/weddings? Start a meal delivery service or catering? Teach cooking classes? Start gardening/farming/homesteading? What would the fall and the holidays look like in that dreamy patch of land? SO MUCH POSSIBILITY.

Reading like crazy this week! This week, I finished the new book from Rachel Hollis, the Home Edit’s new book, and Solutions And Other Problems from Allie Brosch. Of those three, the Home Edit’s was my favorite. I’ve been feeling itchy for a home project and think I need to go through our closets soon!

As for audiobooks, I’m currently listening to The Secret Garden. We watched the new Secret Garden movie last weekend (I cried in the trailer and love so many people in the cast), but I ended up really not liking the movie. It had a really sad and depressing feel (the trailer made it look like happiness and magic!), so the audiobook is kind of a palate cleanser.

I’ve been sharing a few easy dinner ideas over on Instagram this week:

  • A quick-and-easy fish sandwich that uses Trader Joe’s gluten-free crispy halibut (from the freezer section), a simple slaw + gluten-free buns. What it lacks in style + flash it makes up for in yum!
  • Sweet Potato + Black Bean Tacos. Tacos are always a good choice, and these are some of my FAVES.
  • Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash. The tomato topping seals the deal for me, but even my tomato-averse husband digs this dinner.

Would you be into seeing more daily dinners? PS – I’m less than 200 people away from hitting the 10k mark on Instagram and getting the swipe-up feature! It’ll make linking recipes + ingredients + favorite things so much more convenient for everyone. I can’t wait! So, if you have a friend (or 200) who might love to join us, feel free to pass my profile along!

Did you hear Studio McGee has a Netflix show launching in October?!!! I’m CRAZY excited. I’ve been following Shea since WAY back in the day, and I *love* her team’s aesthetic. It’s been a big year for them–their self-produced web series, a new book, a Netflix show, a collection at Target, and endless house projects. I love getting to cheer people on!

Need some creative ideas for getting your kids to eat more veggies? (Same!) I’m loving these ideas.

Considering a tight capsule wardrobe for the fall/winter. I have a pretty small wardrobe as it is, but I’m considering tightening up even more to make a really narrow capsule wardrobe. Like, 7-10 outfits, tight. It would simplify decision making and give me the chance to wear something fresh for a bit. Have you tried a capsule wardrobe that tight before? Natalie Borton and Anna Groves are two of my style icons, and they make a mix-and-match wardrobe look amazing. (If you want to narrow down your choices in an even more extreme way, Cassie from Wholefully is wearing the same dress for 100 days!)

A few of the things I’m wearing on repeat:

How about you? Read anything great? Have a capsule wardrobe suggestion? Movie recommendation? Good news to share? I’d LOVE to hear it!




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