Happy Weekend – Weekend Links!

Happy Weekend – A few fun links to take you into the weekend. How we’re staying cool this summer, fun songs to listen to with your kids, summer recipes, and more! 

Pretty flowers are giving me life lately on my outside walks. One thing staying home and inside has helped me with is appreciating how pretty it is when I go outside. I’m noticing blooms and clouds and greenery in so much more detail lately now that going outside feels like a treat.

It was our last full week of school this week (WHAAAAAAT!?), and we start our summer break partway through next week. I feel like summer just snuck up on me!

The days and weeks are kind of blurring together for me, but I’ve been trying to set aside a few things to look forward to each week. This weekend, my top 3 are 1) baking cookies, 2) movie night, and 3) playing lots of rounds of Oh Snap!. My parents sent it to us and we’ve had so much fun with it!

And now, a few fun links for the weekend…

  • We get out of school NEXT WEEK(currently vacillating between YAY + SOS!!!), so I’ve been trying to figure out a few ways to cool off without our usual favorite pools available. We ordered this little slip & slide (decent reviews and just $15!)+ this pool, and I’m hoping they go a long way this summer.
  • Also on our summer bucket list: LOTS of homemade popsicles + an at-home summer reading challenge (this was what we did last year).
  • Arizona is already well into our summer weather, so our peach season comes early. We were able to order peaches for pick-up this year (rather than our traditional peach-picking), and they’ve felt like such a gift! Not sure if I’m going to make this or this first…
  • Absolutely loving everyone’s creativity right now! A few fun things this week:
    • These crazy creative crafts that would be SO FUN to play with (especially if you love the movie and music!). They’re made with things you might already have around the house!
    • Fun (+impressive!) covers featuring famous musicians and a mishmash of household instruments, like forks, scissors, board games, plates, sneakers, bottles, etc. (This one might be my favorite.)
    • A gorgeous collection of online print shops. The perfect way to spruce up your home without leaving it + support small businesses while you’re at it! (I’ve been looking at this one for my bedroom)
    • This amazing duet. They. Are. So. Good. (I think I saw she’s 12!? I)
  • Getting in some Disney magic this week with this sweet little video/song (composed + recorded at home!). My kids loved it. Yours might, too!
  • I feel like 10 people I know have talked about this mascara lately. Supposedly, it comes off in little tubes when you wash your face and people swear there’s no clumping, smudging, or crumbling throughout the day! Have you tried it? Do you love it? (I usually use this kind with this primer underneath.)
  • Say no to boring salads! Jenny Rosenstrach shared her 9 rules for better salads, and I am here for it. Her rule #4 (Crunch is the Most Important Texture) is my #1 rule. We eat a LOT of summer salads for dinner, so this was perfect timing!
  • Speaking of dinner, one of our favorite online grocery shops is running a promotion this week–25% off your first order with this link. Thrive Market is an online “Costco-meets-Whole-Foods” membership shopping site that focuses on healthy, eco-friendly, and sustainably sourced options. It’s $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year, but they’re currently running a free 30-day trial. It’s been a GREAT resource for us over our gluten-free years. They carry lots of our pantry favorites, like gluten-free pasta, oats, beans, bread, spices, etc., but they also have sustainably sourced meat & seafood (shipped with dry ice, don’t worry!), home & beauty finds (like my favorite deodorant), and more.

That’s it from me this week! I hope you have a safe, cozy, happy weekend. I’m cheering for you and wishing you every good thing.

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  1. I used that Blinc mascara years ago & really liked it. It totally doesn’t flake & comes off in little tubes (or threads) with just a little water & using your thumb & index finger. It freaked me out the 1st time I used it , as I thought my eyelashes were coming out! Totally worth a try!

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