Happy Weekend – Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Weekend! A few fun links to take you into this long Memorial Day Weekend! A few things we’re doing this summer, a fun milestone, kitchen tips, dream homes, & more!

We’re officially out of school and READY for summer!

The kids had Zoom awards ceremonies and talent shows, Milo lost a tooth, and we celebrated the start of summer by watching Goofy Movie (obviously).

I also went to Trader Joe’s for the first time since we locked down. (Side note: TJ’s really impressed me with their attention to safety. Maybe the best I’ve seen!) I bought peonies (OF COURSE), a few of our fun favorites for celebrating (chips & movie snacks), some kitchen staples (GF bread & bagels, frozen garlic & ginger), and one hilariously disgusting bag of this popcorn. It was described as “tangy, salty, smoky, spicy & slightly sweet” and came with rave reviews. It tasted like shelf-stable summer sausage. Which is not a popcorn flavor I’ve been looking for in my life. I cried laughing about how bad it was. Am I missing something!? I think we’ll stick to their kettle corn from now on–ha!

It’s Memorial Day this weekend! Our plans this weekend are not fancy, but they will definitely include some good food, a little time in the sun, a movie night, and a few board games.

Now, for a few fun weekend links…

  • Putting our trusty popsicle mold to its first use of the summer! I’ve been working on a Strawberry Lemonade Popsicle recipe that’s dynamite–coming soon! (Try one of these other flavors in the meantime!)
  • Our summer travel & art camp plans have gone kaput, but one fun thing we’re still doing this summer (as we have for the last year!) is Raddish Kids. It’s a kids’ cooking subscription we LOVE (see our unpaid review here). I’ve been taking some of their photos for the last year (we’re actually on their homepage this month!), and they’re running a sale right now for summer! Use code ATHOME for $15 off a 6-month membership.
  • Loving this post titled “what little things enchant your children?”. A few things on Milo & Sophie’s list: baby or tiny anything (bunnies, ducks, figurines, miniatures of any kind), rainy afternoons (we always have hot chocolate when it rains), fluffy blankets, and airplane take-offs. On my list lately? Backlighting. Backlit leaves, blossoms, hair, whatever. I love it.
  • Starting a new goal on our summer bucket list: make a new flavor of homemade ice cream! We love getting our ice cream maker out during the summer. This book has been SUPER helpful for us! (It includes traditional and dairy-free options!)
  • Taking a bunch of nature photos on walks lately. It prompts me to keep my eyes open for the pretty things around me and to try to notice the good. I’ve been saving phone wallpapers in this Instagram highlight, if your phone could use a little cheer!
  • Completely fascinated by this exhaustive test of the best way to cook salmon. I’ve never tried the winning method but now I HAVE TO.
  • I hit a big benchmark for myself on Sunday: 250 days learning French! I’ve been using this app (there’s a free version and an ads-free paid version). It’s been really simple and motivating to use, and I actually feel like I’m picking things up! It works for kids & grown-ups (they’ll tailor content & lessons based on your age & goals). There are a TON of languages to choose from, including more common languages (Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian) as well as lesser-known options (like Latin, Navajo, High Valyrian, and Klingon–ha!).


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