Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend + Weekend Links! Why I’m trying to incorporate a rainbow into my life, resources for a rough news week, a little magic, a dance tune to get you moving + more! 

Whew! I’m so happy it’s the weekend! It’s been a fun, but VERY busy week at our house with big work projects + our first (freezing) “pool” day (with our blow-up pool–ha!).

This weekend, I want to paint my nails, tuck into a family movie night (I’m reeeeally hoping I can talk the kids into watching The Sandlot for the first time!), and organize my dresser drawers. (They’ve somehow gotten really out of control…oops!)

Here are a few links + thoughts for the weekend…

  • I’ve caught myself being distracted lately, whether we’re on walks, hanging out at home, or I’m working. One trick I’ve been using lately to stay in the present moment (instead of worrying about the future or thinking of 1,000 things at once) is checking to see if I’m in touch with at least 2 of my 5 senses (sight, taste, sound, touch, smell). Can I hear the birds and feel the breeze on my face? Am I aware of the feel of the sun and noticing the flowers in my neighbor’s yard? Can I smell the cookies in the oven and taste the soft, sweet crunch of chocolate, cookie crumb, and coarse sea salt? Then, I’m probably being present. It’s helping!
  • After seeing this, I kind of want a plant to take over my living room…
  • Ingrid Fetell Lee wrote one of my favorite books of 2018, and I’ve loved her ever since. (Her Joyletter newsletter is always so full of happy things!) I LOVED this post of hers last week about the simple joy of a rainbow manicure. I pre-ordered one of these kits as a belated Mother’s Day present so I can try my own! (Though let’s be honest, I’ll probably just do it on my toes since I seem to be in a committed long-term relationship with red fingernails–Ha!)
  • I want to be real-life friends with Claire Saffitz. She remakes ALL the things from scratch and just always seems to be having the best time.
  • In light of this week’s tragic news, I really appreciated how articulate this article was about what we can actually do to make a difference. (The comments also have additional resources!) We have so much work to do. One thing I’ve found helpful is following @theconsciouskid and @rachel.cargle for the last year on Instagram. Both accounts regularly share resources, book recommendations, talking points for families/parents/children, and organizations you can support. (This infographic makes a great starting point at examining what you can individually address.)
  • Always on the hunt for a zen moment lately, whether it’s taking a 15-second video of the wind blowing through a tree in my neighborhood (It’s surprisingly calming!), looking at gorgeous aerial photos of farmland, or watching Disney+ Zenimation shorts.
  • I feel like I share every single one of these, but I played this 5 times in a row and actually danced around while I listened. I LOVE Jimmy Fallon + The Roots. (The spatula + blender!!!!!)
  • My Disney-loving heart totally jumped up and down when I saw this epic Dumbo ride DIY.

Lastly, in case you missed it, we’re starting Summer Snack Camp on Monday (June 1st) with a week of yummy, kid-friendly snack recipes! You can check back here for the recipes, but anyone who signs up for snack camp emails will get a few extras, like a welcome packet with ways to include kids in the kitchen, tips for picky eaters, etc. Plus, with each recipe, you’ll also get specific tasks kids can help with, ideas for dietary modifications, recommended kitchen tools, and more!

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