Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend! This week’s weekend links include ways to tuck some joy into your summer, the dessert we’re making for father’s day, some nerdy food science I’m into, and more! 

Happy weekend and happy Father’s Day, folks! I feel like time is kind of bananas right now–everything is fast and slow, long and short all at the same time. But we are here! It’s Father’s Day on Sunday. (What are you making?)

Michael requested Cherry Crisp, which is a riff on this cherry pie filling + this crumble topping. And it’s GOOD.

Beyond Father’s Day, we’ve kind of just been plugging away, working on some organizing projects, doing lots of summer reading, fitting in as many morning walks as we can, and making it through the hot summer days. In some ways, it feels a lot like my summers as a kid–lots of unstructured time + plenty of reading.

Now for some links for the weekend…

  • Today is Juneteenth–I never remember learning about this holiday growing up and only learned about it a few years ago after seeing it on a calendar. This Instagram post was a great, easy way to learn about the significance and history of this holiday, traditional foods, ways to celebrate, etc.
  • LOVING this summer rainbow polish. Sophie and I did matching toes a couple of weeks ago and I love how happy and cheery they look every time I see them.
  • Speaking of summer love, Ingrid Fetell Lee just created this (free) Joyful Summer guide and I love it. It has 70 ideas for savoring the joy we have available even though this summer looks so different. I loved her classic summer movie list!
  • It feels like the last few months have changed everything. Here’s what some experts think our post-quarantine homes will be like. 
  • Trying to think of an excuse to get these shoes. They’re SO CUTE!
  • Really appreciating how many thoughtful people are writing articles about All The Things. Sophie’s headed into her tweens (HOW EVEN DID THAT HAPPEN), so we’ve been picking up steam on body conversations. (We’ve loved this book if you need one!). I also loved this article about how to talk to your daughters about periods. I think we’re still a while from that being part of our lives, but I know that the more open and positive the conversations are from a young age, the easier things go as kids grow up.


In addition to the big, important things–reading books, learning & studying, having the hard conversations with family/friends, voting, reaching out to representatives & elected officials, and donating to organizations, etc.–I thought I’d share some simple ways you can support individual Black creators & business owners right now:

  • BUY PRODUCTS & COURSES – Books, candles, clothes, courses. Whatever they create! There are Black creators and businesses in every industry and space. Learn about finance, pick up some new home decor, buy Father’s Day gifts, order treats for a friend, pick up a beautiful dress or graphic tee, order luxury bath items, a bow for your daughter, or top off your summer reading list with a stack of books.
  • PAY PEOPLE WHO ARE PROVIDING EDUCATION, INFORMATION & ART FOR FREE. Love someone’s Instagram account, podcast, book recommendation list, YouTube Channel, FB or IG Live video, recipe, graphic, or printable? Pop in with a “Thank you so much for creating/sharing ____. I’d love to pay you for your time! Do you have a Venmo/PayPal/etc.?” or “This was amazing. Can I Venmo you lunch or a coffee as a thank-you?” Or, sign up for their Patreon account if they have one!
  • LEAVE A COMMENT OR REVIEW. Leaving positive feedback on someone’s blog, IG account, podcast, or YouTube channel helps others find them and helps them rank higher in search results and algorithms. Taking a few minutes to leave this feedback can make a big difference for creators and businesses!
  • SHARE WITH ATTRIBUTION & PERMISSION. Refer people to the original source, rather than sharing the entirety of someone’s thoughts or work. Tag the creator in the first line or paragraph of your caption (not at the bottom where no one will see it). Ask before reposting photos/graphics. Don’t add filters to or edit other artist’s work.

Happy Weekend, Friends.
Wishing You EVERY Good Thing! 

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