Happy Weekend + Weekend Links!

Happy Weekend + Weekend Links – Our first time making sushi, some books + Instagram accounts I’m loving lately, a movie trailer I’m flipping about, and more!

Raddish Kids Ticket to Tokyo Cooking Kit

Hooray, hooray for a weekend! I counted it out last night and our kids only have 4 weeks left scheduled of summer break. (We’re on a modified year-round schedule and usually go back at the end of July). I have no idea whether we’re headed back to school yet or not. Our district hasn’t landed on a final plan yet, cases are sharply on the rise in our state, and I’m just not sure what to do even if our school does plan to reopen with in-person classes. I’m sure I’m not the only one in that boat!

In the meantime, I’m trying to focus on things I *do* know or have control over, like our 4th of July menu for next weekend (the kids have requested this for dessert with lots of berries on top), reading some good books, and continuing to tackle what seems like never-ending organizing projects.

Now for some weekend links…

Little Girl Holding Tray of Sushi with Raddish Kids Ticket to Toyko Kit Items in the Background

  • I shot some photos for the new Raddish Kids box for July–Ticket to Tokyo!–which meant we got to try making sushi for the first time. It was a LOT less intimidating than I thought it would be! We were big fans of Raddish long before I started helping them with photos. It’s such a fun cooking subscription for kids, and I love that they have modifications for different dietary needs and allergies. (See more about why we love it here.)
  • Now that we’ve finished paying off our student loans, I’ve been trying to learn more about managing our finances long-term. I’m really loving this Instagram account, this account, and this Instagram account for easily digestible, bite-sized bits of financial knowledge. (Why does no one teach you this stuff in school!?)
  • I used to read this book every summer from about age 9 until I graduated high school. It’s been out of print for years, but on a whim, I searched for it when I was looking up some other books for the kids and found it back in print! It was so fun to tuck into it after all these years. Not all of it holds up perfectly, but it was so fun to get lost in it again. (I can’t find it at independent bookstores, or I’d have linked it there!)
  • I’ve been FLIPPING out over this trailer all week. Going to the play a couple of years ago was my all-time favorite theater experience, and I cannot WAIT to see it with the original cast. (Also: Lin-Manuel Miranda is working on a new Disney movie in addition to helping with the new Little Mermaid. Yes, I’ve been squealing about it all week.)
  • Did you watch the new Dads documentary from Bryce Dallas Howard? I loved it so much. Highly recommend.
  • If, like me, you’re also trying to have some tough conversations lately, I’ve really appreciated the “So You Want To Talk About” account, which breaks down all kinds of topics, from qualified immunity, to performative activism, to implicit bias, microagressions, tone policing, gentrification, and more in really easy-to-understand, clear terms. Sometimes, I get flustered in the middle of a conversation, and these little “bullet points” have been a great way for me to speak more clearly and keep track of my thoughts.
  • I’ve started testing lunch boxes for a big review post (even though I have NO IDEA if we’re actually going back to school or not). Is there one you’ve been curious about? We’ve been using these for the last few years and still really love them. We pack lunches every day of school and they’re still in great shape!
  • On that note, do you know yet what’s going on for your school year? Are you looking for school lunch ideas this year? I’d LOVE to know! 


PS – I know that there are lots of folks just getting out for summer or looking for ways to keep kids entertained without the usual clubs, camps, and trips. One idea is my (free!) virtual 5-Day Snack Camp. After signing up, you’ll get 5 days of fun, easy, delicious kid-friendly snacks with lots of tips for picky eaters, ideas for getting your kids involved in the kitchen, and more. Plus, you’ll get more great snack ideas + activities for the rest of the summer. Sign up HERE if you’d like to join in the fun!

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