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House Tour: The Jack and Jill Bathroom

House Tour: Jack and Jill Bathroom edition! Here’s a peek into Milo and Sophie’s shared bathroom, plus the simple swap that’s making a big difference. 

Come tour our Jack and Jill Bathroom! We love this crisp, clean space!
Written in partnership with Delta. Photos by me and Abbie Martinsen Photography

Other than the lovely family-friendly neighborhood and the schools, what really drew me to our house was the floorplan. I loved the layout. The open kitchen/dining/living area is just perfect for us, and I also love that the kids have rooms that share a Jack and Jill style bathroom. Oddly enough, it’s actually been a really good thing for their relationship.

I grew up sharing a room with my saint of a younger sister. We talked pretty much every night, whether it was about our day, or school, or who we liked, or what we hoped for for Christmas. I remember fairly regularly having a parent sternly remind us that we needed to be quiet and go to bed. I remember thinking “what’s the big deal!? We like talking!”

I’m on the other end of that now. Milo and Sophie will probably never share a room, but it’s a pretty regular thing for them to open the bathroom doors that separate their rooms and “have a meeting” (as Sophie calls it). Sometimes that means 12 reminders from me to be quiet and go to bed. Sometimes, that’s me groggily marching across the house at 4am to beg them to please go back to bed. But when I’m not quite so sleep-deprived, it’s also been really fun to listen to two tiny voices “have a meeting” about anything from legos to superheroes to school to what they’re going to eat for breakfast.

When it came to decorating this space, I wanted it to feel like a pretty safe zone as far as masculine and feminine decor. I know the space and their tastes will grow with them as they age, but I didn’t want Milo rolling his eyes at a pink floral wallpapered bathroom or for Sophie to feel like she was walking into a man cave of a bathroom every day.

I think I did it!

BEFORE: Our old bathroom design was mismatched and hand-me-down. Click through to see our updated Jack and Jill Bathroom. It's so crisp and bright!

Our previous shower curtain was very bright and colorful, and while I loved it the 6(!) years we used it, I was ready for something a lot more restful and calm. The space felt sloppy, mis-matched, and not very cohesive.

Boy and Girl Shared Bathroom. This is a great blend of masculine and feminine. So clean and bright!

I looked for months, and finally found this striped shower curtain. It’s PERFECT. It feels crisp and clean and bright. The stripe pattern feels bold, but without overwhelming the narrow space.

Soft Turkish bath towels soften up this Jack and Jill bathroom. We love these!

To keep things from being too stuffy, I softened things up with these soft, Turkish bath towels and some round bath mats with embroidered edges.

Walking the line between masculine and feminine in our kids' shared bathroom. So many great details in this room!

For details, I added a little faux plant above the loo, some leather and brass towel hooks, and a little homemade piece of art for the time being.

Love these leather and brass towel hooks! See more of our Jack and Jill Bathroom at onelovelylife.com! An easy homemade piece of art - The kids painted paper and I cut out little hearts. Simple and sweet!

The art is a total placeholder–the kids painted paper and I cut out some hearts. We’ll find something more permanent, but for now, it works and it makes me happy every time I see it!

One simple swap for a better bathroom: Update your shower head! This one is the Delta In2Ition. It's got amazing water pressure and can be used so many ways!

The other big thing for me with the kids’ bath was swapping out the shower head. In the house we rented the 3 years before moving here, we’d updated our shower head and I was thrilled when Delta wanted to partner together with me on this one right when I was working on the space!

The Delta In2Ition Showerhead is the exact same shower head we bought and loved in our last house. It’s easy to install (we basically have no DIY skills), and it’s such a simple swap that makes a huge difference for us.  I love that, with its with H2Okinetic® Technology, it’s a showerhead and hand shower in one.

A few simple updates to our Jack and Jill Bathroom. We updated the linens and switched out our shower head. We love this Delta In2Ition one!

Simple Swaps with Delta In2Ition - This is a shower head and handheld shower in one, perfect for everything from a back massage to rinsing shampoo out of babies' hair!

It’s got a hand-held attachment that can run clipped into the shower head, handheld in tandem with the overhead spray, or you can direct all the water pressure into the handheld attachment. I like that there are a variety of “speeds” or settings you can use. There’s something perfect for a little back massage, but there’s also a setting gentle enough to rinse Sophie’s hair or rinse out the tub. It’s even water efficient, so you get all the feel of using more water while actually using less. I love it.

With the walls painted, the linens updated, and the shower head installed, I feel like this space is just about done! If you’d like a simple swap of your own, you can pick up the Delta In2Ition (with that lovely H2Okinetic® Technology) exclusively at Home Depot or see below for a giveaway!

Still to do:

Paint – We may end up painting the vanities down the road. I’m still trying to decide what color… probably white? I think white wold be better for resale, but we’ll see what we end up with.

Art – I’m still looking for the perfect something to hang in each child’s mirror/vanity area. Maybe a photo of both kids? A little saying or quote? I’d love to add something–maybe a landscape or a cactus, or even a fish? I don’t know!

Bath Mat – I’m looking for the right texture/shape bathmat for right next to the tub. It’s enough of a splash zone that we need one!

A stool – I’d love somewhere (besides the floor) to sit while I’m helping with baths. These stools are gorgeous.

Shower Curtain Rings – It’s a small detail, but I’d love to find some that mimic the look of the towel hooks. Maybe something brass? Something leather? We’ll see…

House Tour: our Jack and Jill Bathroom. Perfect for a shared boy and girl space!


Now, for one of you! Delta would love to give one of these shower heads to one of you! Again, if you’ve got little ones, these are a great solution. To enter, simply fill out the widget below!

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  1. Love the jack and jill bath! You always blow me away with how such thoughtful simple changes make a huge impact on a space.

  2. I love getting to see your house! It’s been so fun to watch this move in process as you’ve gone through it. My husband an I had a house built a year and a half ago. It’s such an exciting time and an amazing blessing. Can’t wait to see more of your home!

  3. I’m loving watching your house become your home! We’re still renting but reading your posts is such a good reminder about changing up the little things to make it your home. Beautiful!!

  4. I keep meaning to try those Turkish bath towels! We live in 100% humidity and I need something quick drying. Plus they’re cute!

  5. Oh my goodness it is beautiful! I’m LOVING all your textiles and your towel hooks. I totally need this faucet in my life. Delta is awesome!!

  6. I would really love to remodel our whole master bathroom. Our shower is small and we have a huge garden tub. I would love to take them both out and do a nice big walk in shower and replace the carpet in there with some wood look tile like yours. Love seeing pictures of your new home and love that Sophie and Milo are having meetings. Lol!

  7. Our shower head just broke off last week, just clean snapped off! This one looks like a winner. I love your homemade art, and as always, everything else. Your style inspires me!

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