July Favorites

Time for monthly favorites! The best natural deodorant, an at-home pedicure game-changer, a fitness app I love, and more!

My favorite post of the month. It's time for favorites! Here are a few things I'm loving lately...
It’s the second half of July already! I can hardly believe it. We’ve been trying to soak up every last second of summer. I tried to think what favorites would be most timely, but since I’ve already shared our favorite popsicle mold and ice cream maker, I had to turn my thoughts away from food and to the other things I’ve been loving lately. Here’s the short list of my faves this month…

1. Primal Pit Paste.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve mentioned this before, but there’s nothing like the sweaty hot July weather that makes me want to mention it again. This is my FAVORITE natural deodorant. I’ve been using it exclusively for three years now. It’s aluminum, paraben, chemical, and GMO free, and uses essential oils for the scents.

And it WORKS. I’m not one of those girls who just glistens or glitters when it gets hot outside. I can tell you that if I can survive 2 hot, humid summer days running all over Disneyland or endless summer workouts and still be protected by my deodorant, it’s the good stuff. It’s a deodorant, not an anti-perspirant, but it works like a dream. I alternate between the unscented, the lavender, and their new jasmine scent. It’s subtle, but effective, and I never have to worry about sacrificing function for natural ingredients. There are even more scent choices I plan on trying in the future.

2. Fitocracy App

This free fitness app is fantastic! My friend Anna recommended it to me last month, and I’ve loved it. You can use pre-programmed workouts, or design your own. I love the design your own function because I can make up my own workout from scratch, yes, but I can also input workouts I’ve found on Pinterest.

After a time or two using it, it’s very easy to use, and you can change your privacy settings so that you don’t have to share your details with anyone else if you don’t want to. That said, if you’re someone who likes a community, you can link up with friends or join groups to stay motivated. My favorite kind of workout is an anonymous one, either by myself, or in a class where I don’t know anyone and can just focus on what I’m doing. This serves that purpose in the air-conditioned comfort of my living room. For free.

July faves! An at-home pedicure game changer, natural makeup wipes, the fitness app I'm loving and more!

3. Microplane Pedicure Rasp

If you’ve ever gotten a pedicure, you may have noticed the technicians using something that looks an awful lot like a cheese grater to smooth out the bottoms of your feet. Guess why it looks like a cheese grater? It basically is one.

I finally ordered this one from Amazon to step up my at-home pedicure game (since I only get real pedicures a couple of times per year). It is fabulous. Soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes or so, then use a rasp like this one (or a pumice stone) to smooth out  the bottoms of your feet. Your sandaled feet will thank you.

4. Studio McGee

My FAVORITE design instagram account to follow at the moment. The designs are so gorgeous, the photos are stunning, and let’s be honest, we all want to be friends with the McGees. If you’re not already following them, head over to their blog, then fall in love with their instagram account.

5. Honest Makeup Remover Wipes

We just finished the last of our baby wipes (hooray for Milo being potty trained!), so I’ve had to get real about finding an actual makeup remover wipe that I liked. I’m slowly trying to transition my makeup and personal care products to more natural options (I’ve got a long way to go), but I love these Honest Company Makeup Remover Wipes. I get them through Honest’s website in a subscription, but Amazon and Ulta both carry them.

They’re hypoallergenic, pH balanced, vegan, and made from a really soft plant-based cloth. They’re very gentle, and they’re even moisturizing, so they don’t dry your skin out like some other wipes I’ve tried. I don’t use them every day, but I love them for travel, swimming, working out, and for nights when I’m exhausted.

And, if you missed last month’s faves, be sure to check them out!

What do you love lately? 

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  1. Love these lists! Here are some recent favorites:

    Dr. Bronner’s baby mild bar soap (found at Target or Amazon)
    California Baby bubble bath for the kids (from Target)
    Physicians Formula Organic Mascara (found at Target!)
    Books – Balanced and Barefoot and both of Cameron Diaz’s books

  2. Thanks for your favourites Emily! I’m going to order some of that deodorant this weekend! Love the name too! 🙂

    My absolute favourite product of the month is L’Oreal Root Cover Up Spray. You may not need this yet (I hope!) but it works like a dream to extend time between colouring!

    Have a fabulous weekend ( I’m starting 3 weeks of vacation!) Can’t wait to do some reading and relaxing and my library is ordering in that book Hiding Haelo you recommended! It comes in next month.

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