June Faves

Time for June faves! This time, a pair of super comfy flats, the little gadget that makes our car trips awesome, terrific hairspray and more!

June Favorites - The ice cream maker we love, some cute, comfy flats, amazing hairspray and more...

1. Our Ice Cream Maker.

Michael requested homemade ice cream for his Father’s Day treat, and I was so grateful. It ended up being 117 degrees on Father’s Day and our air conditioning died! It was almost 90 degrees in the house, and I’ve never been so grateful for ice cream in my life.

We’ve had this ice cream makerfor about seven years (though the most current model they have out is this one). It works beautifully and, so long as we chill the bowl for 24 hours as directed, we’ve never had a problem with it. You can occasionally find it at Bed Bath and Beyond and can use one of their ubiquitous 20% off coupons for it, but Amazon usually carries the best price.

p.s. Need a recipe to try? This Lemon Ice Cream with Very Berry Swirl is one of our old favorites and we love this dairy free Cherry Chocolate Chip.

2. The Cutest (Affordable!) Striped Flats. 

It’s more or less been All Sandals All the Time for me this summer (with these being my most frequent choice), but I picked up this cute pair of flats from Target for my sister’s wedding, and I’ve LOVED them. They are remarkably comfortable, don’t rub in any weird places, and they’re a fun pattern that goes with so many outfits.

3. A Headphone splitter.

A headphone splitter (which allows two sets of headphones to attach to a phone, iPod, computer, etc.) Such an inexpensive thing that makes such a lovely difference. We use this on our car trips. Michael and I could listen to an audiobook while the kids watched a show, or played, or napped during our car ride.

It was really fun to listen to A Year Down Yonder (I read it every year, but this was my first time listening to it) and As You Wish. When we drive to Disneyland, we plan on listening to Dad is Fat. The book made me laugh and I think I’ll laugh even harder listening to Jim Gaffigan read it himself.

4. Hairspray! 

One of the things I love about getting together with my sisters is they always have the best recommendations for beauty products and clothes. My sister Jordan (who got my onto my favorite mascara of all time) recommended her favorite hairspray to me. I picked up a bottle at Amazon for less than she pays at Ulta, and so far, I’m in love. My curls last longer and it works great for Sophie’s flyaway too.

5. Elephant and Piggie Books.

Mo Willems has long been a favorite of ours, but we’ve been MAJORLY into the Elephant and Piggie books. Sophie and Milo are OBSESSED. We’ve read all of them. If you’re new to the story, some of our very favorites are Pigs Make Me Sneeze, There’s a Bird on Your Head, and Let’s Go for a Drive.

What are you loving lately?
I love getting recommendations!

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p.s. For more summer favorites, like our favorite sunscreens, summer sandals, summer reads and more, see last month’s post


  1. Gin.Gins from The Ginger People. A chewy ginger candy. Bought a box to give to a friend when she visits (with other other favourites too). I am addicted.

  2. Hi Emily~
    I tried your Kenra hairspray, hoping to love it as much as you do. But I have to say that I like mine better… I have baby fine hair, and the John Frieda volume hairspray works better for me than the Kenra…… and bonus, it is much cheaper.
    too… about $4.50 a can. I can find it at Target and Wal-mart. If you haven’t tried it, I’d recommend it. 🙂

    1. Shelley – I keep meaning to come back and ask you which color bottle your John Frieda hairspray is? I’m not sure if I bought the right one… the one I tried was very light hold, so my pin-straight hair lost it’s curl pretty early in the day. If I bought the wrong one, I’d love to try yours!

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