March Faves

March Faves – All the things I’m loving this month, from the dress I’m living in to the skincare secret I swear by, and more! 

Monthly Faves - The dress and sandals I'm living in, the book that's changing my life, my favorite faux fiddle leaf, a skincare secret and MORE!

It’s been too long since I’ve done a real-deal monthly faves list! I’ve been including lots of weekly faves in my weekly newsletters, but it’s been a few months since my last faves list. Here are a few things I’m loving lately…

1. The swishy shift dress. 

Spicy hot temperatures are right around the corner (it’s well into the 80s this month), so I’ve been filling in the gaps for my warm-weather wardrobe and this dress has been a major win. I ordered up for length (I’m 5’2″ and got a medium), and it’s just right. It’s light and airy while still being substantial and not see-through at all. I love the navy with the bright coral-y accents, but the other colors are gorgeous too. It’s one I’ll be wearing again and again and again. I love it so much I also ordered this one in chambray. I ordered it in tall for length, and it’s perfect.

2. The perfect all-around sandals. 

I ordered two pairs of sandals to replace some that finally wore all the way out. American Eagle has a remarkably good selection and the quality is a step up from Target or Old Navy, even though the price is still totally reasonable.

I got this slip-on pair of open toe huaraches and I wear them ALL the time. I also got these ankle tie ones that have been on regular repeat. I like that both pairs are so versatile and are substantial enough that they’ll hold up under regular wear.

3. The Miracle Morning. 

I really REALLY enjoyed this book. I’ve heard so much about it for ages and even listened to several interviews about it, but I’d never actually sat down with the book. Just a few pages in, I knew that I’d be highlighting and marking up the margins like crazy. SO good.

The author shares his own incredible stories and the morning routine that was so transformational in his life. The idea is a miracle morning–a morning where you start the day the way you want to continue. You get yourself into alignment with your values and goals before the day starts by filling up your emotional, spiritual, and physical “buckets” before getting on with your day.

For the last few years I’ve been getting up in the morning before my kids, and it’s been majorly life changing for me. Since reading the book, I’ve been tweaking my morning routine and feeling renewed and recharged in ways I didn’t realize I needed (like with the affirmations I talked about on Instagram recently).

For me, this miracle morning philosophy pairs perfectly with my other favorite mantra lately of “alignment before action.” When I’m aligned with my values, intentions, and goals, everything goes so much more smoothly. If that’s putting down three tasks for the day in my planner, I find that I can easily get through my list with energy to spare if I’ve done so in a way that aligns with my priorities.

If I get too focused on checkmarking as many boxes as possible, or of powering through for the sake of powering through, I usually end up out of alignment, burned out, creatively empty, and not as productive or fulfilled. When I’ve taken time to align myself–through things like silence, affirmations, gratitude, reading, exercising, meditation, writing, etc., I start the day with excitement, fulfillment, and a renewed sense of energy that carries me through what the day brings at me.

4. My little faux plants.

I have a thumb made of ashes–blacker than a black thumb/the opposite of a green thumb. I cannot seem to keep plants alive for more than a few months (often because my children are too interested in said plants and they can’t cope with regular trauma!).

So, faux it is. I’ve found some really good ones at Target (love you forever, Target!). I got the palm pictured in my book nook post in the patio section, and these cute little baby fiddle leafs (in small and medium) have brightened other little corners of my house. I love them so much.

5. A good exfoliant. 

For my birthday in September, I got myself an online consult with the Skin Boss (LOVE HER!), and it was so, so helpful. She corrected a lot of my way outdated and misinformed skincare beliefs and did so in a way that was kind and informative. She recommended using several products, my favorite of which is this BioClear exfoliant. She has me using it every other day and it’s a game-changer. I’m over six months into using it, and my skin is so much better.

Rather than a scrubbing exfoliant (which is all I’d ever used before), it basically dissolves dead skin cells. Full disclosure: it takes a while to get used to. It stings at first. But it feels amaaaaazing after. I *highly* recommend using it under the guidance of your own esthetician/skin guru, but it’s been amazing for me. If I could only prioritize spending skincare dollars on one thing, this would be it. I’ve seen it at Amazon, but to be sure you’re getting the real deal, you can buy it directly from Jan Marini or another reputable skincare store. One bottle usually lasts me 2.5 months.

6. A happy nail polish.

Totally totally loving this bright, happy nail polish in Red Eye. My last bottle finally ran out after 8 months, and I just picked up another. I.love.it. It’s like if red, pink, and coral fell in love. It’s not TOO bright (definitely not neon), doesn’t have any shimmer, and looks classic while being fresh and happy.

7. Amazing vegan ice cream. 

Dairy free ice cream just gets better and better. We picked up a few flavors recently to taste test (I tell myself it’s for science) and WOW. NadaMoo is a new-t0-me brand and their flavors are AMAZING (you can find them at Sprouts and Whole Foods and a few other places). The texture is creamy and silky (some vegan ice creams are really icy and hard). It’s SO good.

Our favorite flavors are the snickerdoodle (me) and birthday cake (Sophie), though I’m determined to find their vegan salted caramel and chocolate cherry fudge brownie somewhere because WOW.  We also LOVE the Sprouts brand passion fruit ice cream. MIND BLOWING.

What are you loving lately? 


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