House Tour: Milo’s Black and White Bedroom

Milo’s big kid room – This black and white bedroom is the perfect room to grow with him. We love how fresh and bright this room turned out! 

We're so happy with our Black and White Boy's Bedroom!

I’ve been so excited to work on Milo’s bedroom since we moved into this house. Part of the reason is that Milo hasn’t ever had a finished room with cohesive decorations or theme or even a color scheme. In our last house, his room was the darkest, hottest room of the whole house, so we NEVER spent time in there to play, read, etc. He was in a hand-me-down crib with mismatched furniture we were in no position to replace during the grad school years. After Sophie moved into her big girl bed, Milo adopted her crib (we’d converted it to a toddler bed), but nothing really ever felt like “him.”

Even after we moved, I didn’t really want to decorate until he was ready to transition from a toddler bed to a twin bed. I figured we’d have a better idea of what he likes and could put together something that could age with him pretty well.

The end result has been light, bright, and happy. I’m so happy with the way it turned out! Here’s the before and after…

Milo's Room: BEFORE Milo's Room: BEFORE


Just like I mentioned in our laundry room reveal, I always try to answer a few questions when I’m working on putting together a space:

  1. What do I use this room for?
  2. What problems do I have in this space?
  3. What do I want to feel in this room?

This time, the answers were easy! We have a playroom in this house (tour coming soon!), so we don’t need much in the way of toy storage in his room. Instead, I wanted to create a quiet little place that he could feel at home. Somewhere he could play if he wanted to, read or look at books, and cuddle in for a good night’s rest at the end of the day. I wanted something that didn’t take away from the brightness and light in his room, since that’s one of the things we love best about it.

The only real problems were a lack of cohesiveness (again, he had mismatched furniture, no color scheme, etc.), and a bed/bedding he could navigate on his own. I wanted to maintain the light, bright, airy feeling, while keeping this crisp and clean. I think we nailed it!

Milo's Big Kid Room! This black and white bedroom turned out so light and bright. We love it! Mixing patterns in this black and white bedroom. Love this!


To accomplish this, I kept things simple with a simple black and white color scheme with pops of green, then branched out when it came to patterns. I loved that the combination of his white bed frame and light bedding keep the room feeling airy, while the different patterns (from lines, to more intricate, to geometric, and more) keep things interesting.

This low dresser doubles as a window seat bench, perfect for playing, sitting, and more! Love these paper and cardboard cacti! The cutest cactus lamp. Love how it brightens up this black and white bedroom!

I also really love the pops of green. I made some little paper and cardboard cacti and picked up this adorable little cactus lamp that makes me happy every time I see it.

Black and White Boy's Bedroom - This turned out so cute and bright! A pinboard is the perfect place to show off art projects, pictures, school work and more! This low dresser doubles as a window seat bench, perfect for playing, sitting, and more!

The bedding is probably my favorite part. I love that it zips and it’s actually an all-in-one situation. (Read my full review of it here)

As far as accessories and decorative items go, I love the details like the giant letter M, and the little fiddle leaf. I’d still like to get a few more things on the walls–definitely some prints of my grandpa’s Air Force planes, and then maybe some other fun touches, like some wall decalscactus twinkle lights or a colorful garland. Overall I feel like it’s exactly what we hoped for. It’s bright, light, peaceful, clean, and fresh.

Black and White Boy's Bedroom - This turned out so cute and bright!


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  1. Do you mind telling me where the large M comes from? When I click the link it just goes to Google. Thank you, darling room! 🙂

    1. Christen – That’s so strange! I just checked both links, and they both take me straight to the Etsy shop where I found them. I’m so sorry about that! Here’s the link: It’s an Etsy Shop called BaxterMill. Hope that helps!

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