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Crisp, Modern Ceiling Fans!

Crisp, modern fans! Ceiling fans don’t have to be an afterthought or a design sacrifice. We’ve been so impressed by the gorgeous, sleek designs out there that can really pull a room together. 

We LOVE that we were able to find modern fans that add to the design of our rooms. This one is from @lampsplus

After so many years as renters with very little control over the design decisions of our living space, we were so (SO SO SO!) excited to get to make a lot of the design decisions for our first home. From the bigger decisions (like the wood tile) to the smaller details (like door handles), I wanted to bring in things that felt like us as much as possible.

We’ll be slowly putting together this home over the next few years as we try to craft a space that feels like it’s ours. And that means a lot of deliberate decisions.

Ceiling fans are one of those design decisions that’s easy to take for granted. They’re often overlooked or they’re written off as an unstylish but necessary element in a room. It seems like in so many home makeover shows, the designers say “that ceiling fan has to go!” and I always find myself thinking “but wait! What are they going to do this summer?!”

This, I suppose, is a product of spending a lot of years in Arizona, where ceiling fans are a matter of survival in the months of sweltering heat. They save us money on air conditioning, they circulate the air, and I even love the white noise as I drift off to sleep at night. Fans are a must for us.

As we made plans for this new house and had to make wiring decisions for each room, I had flashbacks of all those designers ripping the fans out of their client’s homes and wondered if the fans would stick out like sore thumbs in our new home. I was determined to find fans that  I liked and that could work with the design of our home.

Thankfully, I quickly learned that there are MUCH better options out there than the builder-grade, mass-produced, blah fans that these designers couldn’t stand. In fact, there are so many sleek, stylish options out there that can complement a variety of different design styles. I’ve been so impressed. These are just a few of the modern ceiling fans we loved when we were looking at LampsPlus:

Ceiling fans don't need to be an afterthought. These options are all sleek, modern, and help tie your room together.
1. 48″ Kichler Celino in brushed stainless steel. I love the combination of wood and metal. The metal looks really crisp and modern, and the wood keeps it from being too cold. I really like the look of this natural wood with the brushed stainless steel. Very sleek. This fan also comes in a midnight black with chrome that’s very polished.

2. 44″ Minka Aire Concept in polished nickel. Minka Aire makes such gorgeous fans. I love the simplicity of this one. It’s chic and pretty much a blank slate for design style. It could easily be paired with a variety of tastes and preferences. It also comes in white, oil-rubbed bronze, and a deep brushed nickel.

3. 52″ Minka Aire Light Wave in Silver. This looks quite a lot like a plane propeller, which I actually love. It comes with and without a light kit, but it’s modern and smooth and lovely. It also comes in wood and white.

4. 54″ Casablanca Bullet in brushed nickel. I love the combination of wood and metal, as I’ve already mentioned. This one has such clean lines and could go with minimalist, modern, industrial, or Scandinavian designs. I love it.

5. 44″ Emerson Curva in brushed nickel. If you’re looking for a fan with a light, I love this one. We bought it for our bedroom, the playroom, and the bonus/guest room. I’m SO happy with it. The light is crisp and smooth without any strange contouring or appendages that make it look awkward. It also comes in oil rubbed bronze and white. (A really similar fan is this one, which is $40 less)

Emerson Curva fan for our playroom. We love it!

6. 52″ Minka Aire Roto in brushed aluminum – Industrial and sleek, it’s just gorgeous. It also comes in oil rubbed bronze (which would be fabulous!) and a nice white.

7. The 52″ Possini Euro Design Admiralty in wood and brushed nickel. This is a ceiling-hugger, perfect for rooms with low enough ceilings not to need down rods. The natural wood look is warm and the simple, low-profile design is just lovely.

8. 60″ Casa Aleso in brushed nickel. This is a big fan perfect for a wide, open living space like the one in our new house. We have can lighting in that room, but I loved the idea of an extra light in there. This is the one we chose for our living room, and I love it. It’s made unpacking boxes and winding down at the end of the day a lot more comfortable.

Living Room Mood Board - We love clean lines, a combination of neutrals and pops of color, and a sleek modern fan!
(Our living room is still empty, but here is a mood board that shows some of our ideas for that space)

The prices were remarkably affordable, there was a huge variety to choose from, and almost every choice on their site looks like a purposeful design element rather than a practical afterthought. They even have an open box outlet that offers discounts on returned items that are in perfect condition.

There are 1001 more decisions to make as we put rooms together, but I’m grateful that something so vital to my survival is all sorted out in such a beautiful way. The fans turned out to be a clean, modern addition to the house’s aesthetic that ties together the details of a room while serving a very practical purpose.

Living room fan c/o LampsPlus

All other fans purchased from LampsPlus


  1. I find myself drooling over every little piece of your house that you share! Your kitchen and living room space is AMAZING! Your cabinets turned out great!

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