Monthly Favorites – August

Monthly Favorites – Everything we love this month from the planner that’s simplifying my work days, to kitchen organization, to hair products, and more!

Cooking spinach in a nonstick skillet

Monthly Favorites time is the best time! Today, I’ve got some GOOD ones to share. An incredible pan that’s changing my game in the kitchen, some hair savers I’m LOVING, a way to organize my week and more. Let’s jump in!

Monthly Favorites Roundup from One Lovely Life

1. This paper weekly planner.

I’m a major fan of the Day Designer planner, which I use daily, but I picked up this pretty floral weekly desk calendar at the end of last month and LOVE it. It’s about the size of a mouse pad and has slots for each day. I love that I can write down notes, or my checklist, or any tasks I didn’t get to and want to remember and have that close by while I’m at my desk. You also don’t need to worry if you don’t use it one week–it’s not dated, so you can use it on weeks you need it and pick up wherever you left off. No wasted pages!

2. ORLY Breathable Nail Polish

I’m always on the lookout for good quality nail polishes, and LOVE finding ones that are at least 5-free (free of the 5 most harmful chemicals–like formaldehyde–in nail polish). This new line by ORLY is 13-Free, which is great, but it’s also an all-in-one (base, color, topcoat) polish, which means fewer extra steps for me. I did three thin coats of this polish on my nails this week, and they lasted about 5 days without any chips or fading. Since I work with my hands doing LOTS of cooking, dish washing, videos, etc., that’s pretty good for me! (I almost always have to paint my nails twice a week.)

3. Hair Accessories

It’s still hot as blazes here, so I almost always end up with my hair up for school pickup. I’ve loved all the cute hair accessories out right now, whether that’s a ponytail holder with a cute bow, something to make your ponytail a bit more sleek, or a pretty gold barrette.

4. Adjustable Drawer Organizers

Now that my kids are both in school, I’m trying to catch up on what feels like 7 years of backlog in home organziation–ha! Most of my focus has been on our master bedroom this month (pictures soon!) but I’m also tackling my kitchen. We have really wide drawers and these adjustable dividers have been so great for creating spaces for things like pot holders, dish cloths, etc. that don’t fit in utensil organizers.

You could also totally use them in dresser drawers!

5. Pans & Lids Organizer.

Similarly, this pan organizer is changing my life. It’s nothing super fancy–I got mine at Target–but it keeps me from a pots and pan avalanche every time I need to grab a pan and makes it really easy to keep things orderly in my cabinets! They also have this one which is a great size for all your lids. Genius! (I’m thinking of doing a whole post about kitchen organization–is that something you’d want to see?)

6. An AWESOME Nonstick Skillet

A good nonstick skillet is a kitchen essential for me–especially when I’m cooking eggs. I recently picked up this skillet and it’s UNBELIEVABLE. It’s extremely nonstick and easy to clean. It’s also free of PFOA chemicals (which are the harmful chemicals in some nonstick pans). It comes in several sizes, and I’m super in love after a month of using it regularly.

Spraying dry texture spray into hair

7. Dry Texture Spray

I have lots of very fine, straight hair so I need all the help I can get in the volume department. My friend (and hair guru) Becca got me onto this amazing texture spray, and it gives my fine hair LOTS of volume and helps my curls last longer without weighing it down. I run one hand through my curls as I’m shaking them out and gently pull my hair away with that hand as I spray texture spray up under the curls with the other hand. Then I work it in and up a bit as I go.

8. Rise Together Podcast

I shared my MEGA love for Girl, Wash Your Face earlier this year, and Rachel Hollis just keeps doing amazing things. Her latest podcast (Rise Together) is co-hosted with her husband Dave and they do an amazing job tackling all kinds of topics. I love that each episode gives practical solutions and actionable tips. I love them!

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  1. I would love to see how you organize your kitchen! Our new house has tons of cabinets and drawers, but they’re all VERY narrow (which is not something I noticed until I tried to fill them). Wide drawers sound like heaven! Where do you store your small appliances?

    I’d like to know what you store in cupboards, your pantry and longer term storage, too. I mean, if you’re asking!

    1. This is the first time we’ve EVER had wide drawers and it’s a whole new experience! We’ve had many different kitchens over the years, so things have been adapted to each kitchen, but in general, I try to store as many frequently-used small appliances as possible in my lower kitchen cupboards. For me, that’s a waffle iron, slow cooker, Instant Pot, food processor, and blender. Any leftover appliances that haven’t fit in my lower cupboards or that are used less-often used appliances (for us: the ice cream maker) go into the pantry. Or, when we haven’t had a pantry, they’ve even had to live on top of our upper cabinets before. I keep the toaster on the counter since we use it just about daily.

      I’ll hopefully get a full kitchen tour up soon!

  2. I just love all your clothes and am looking for some new things post-baby. Would you consider doing a post about your wardrobe? 😊

  3. Hi! I enjoy ALL your posts! I would be up to read a kitchen organizing post. Any particular organizing items from Target or elsewhere that help contain things in your master BR? Guess I’ll find out in that post.

    1. Emily – I do, but I can’t find it anywhere online! Someone gave it to us for our wedding 10+ years ago, and it’s still going strong. I believe it’s Metaltex brand. It’s an upright peeler with a pointed tip and has a thick, charcoal grey silicone-coated handle. It’s shaped like this one, which has good Amazon reviews. If I’m able to find it, I’ll send a link to you, but I haven’t had any luck in the last two days looking for it!

  4. I’m intrigued by that non-stick skillet. Is it compatible with a glass/ceramic cooktop? I also wonder, is it oven safe?

    You’re wearing another adorable top! Can you tell me where that’s from?

    1. Ellen – I have a glass/ceramic cooktop and haven’t had any issues with scratching or scraping. It’s listed as safe for ceramic, gas, or electric cooktops, but I don’t see anything about oven safe. (I haven’t put mine in the oven).

      And last of all–the tee was a clearance score from Abercrombie. They have other colors and sizes available! 🙂

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