Monthly Favorites – February

Monthly Favorites – February Edition! Here are a few things I’m loving lately, from the hair products that are changing my drying game to the diffuser that saved me, to a time-saving service I love and more! 

Monthly Favorites - Hair products I'm loving, the collagen that's helping my hair/skin/nails, a classic spring tee, and more!

1. A Classic Spring Tee

I love getting dressed up, but most days, I’m looking for something thats jeans-and-a-tee-shirt casual but doesn’t look like I just rolled out of bed. That means I often look for shirts that are classic with some sort of interesting detail, whether that’s a cute flutter sleeve v-neck, or a wash-and-wear button-up I score on sale. I’ve been filling in my capsule wardrobe for spring and ordered this classic striped tee in the green/ivory and the blue/white because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better online. Turns out, I love them both in person. I love the quality of the fabric, and love that I could tuck this into a skirt or wear it with jeans (it even has side slits for an easy half-tuck that won’t billow).

2. My humidifier/oil diffuser

I had a bad case of bronchitis this month (it’s been YEARS since I was this sick!) and my humidifier/diffuser ran almost constantly for the week I was down. I also really love it with essential oils. My friend Jessica always has helpful tips about great oil combinations on her Instagram account, but I love using Breathe blend when we have stuffiness or allergies, and On Guard to ward off any sickness.

3. Collagen Protein

Once I turned 30, I knew that building and maintaining muscle mass was going to be even more important, so I made a commitment to adding more strength-building exercise into my routine and decided to make protein more of a priority. There is still a LOT of debate in the nutrition and dietetics communities about exactly how much protein a person needs, but it’s the macronutrient I have the hardest time thinking about.

I could happily eat all the fruit/veg/avocado/nuts/nut butter/carbs/fats all the time without even batting an eyelash. But when I track my intake, I can see that protein is still a struggle for me. I’ve been using collagen protein regularly for a little over a year now along with strength workouts, and I do notice a difference. My body composition has changed (I’m leaner and stronger now), my energy has improved, and my skin and hair can also feel a difference.

It’s THE only protein powder I’ve ever been able to drink without stomach upset, and it blends really well into both hot and cold things, so even if I’m not up for a collagen-boosted smoothie or shake, I can stir a little here and there into oatmeal, soup, pasta sauce, lemon-honey tea, etc. It’s gluten free and dairy free, as well as paleo, Whole30, and keto approved, but isn’t vegan, so keep that in mind if you’re considering a purchase. I order it through Subscribe and Save to save even more.

4. Rose Body Wash. 

Truth be told, I was 100% drawn to this creamy rose scented body wash by the packaging. The entire Love Beauty & Planet line is gorgeous, but this rose body wash smells like a garden and won me over all over again. It was an added bonus that this rose body wash is also sustainably and ethically sourced, sulfate- and paraben-free, and comes in recycled packaging. I’m a little sensitive to smells and this smells like a true bouquet of roses. Many of the other scents were also terrific (I just don’t need 10 bottles of body wash!), so if rose isn’t your jam, I recommend a quick smelling session next time you’re at Target or Walgreens!


Instacart grocery delivery saving my life! Use code ONELOVELYLIFE to get $10 off and FREE delivery on your first order ($35 min)!

5. Instacart

(Not sponsored) Who is surprised? No one at all? If you’ve been following along over the last few weeks, you’ve heard me talk about this a million times, but Instacart grocery delivery is changing my life now that Sprouts is included in my available stores. We get a Sprouts delivery about every 7-10 days, and it’s been a game changer. It’s been great when things have been hectic or when I was sick and wanted to make soup without dragging my coughing self to the store. (It would have been life-giving when I had newborn babies!)

At Sprouts, the prices are the same as what I’d pay in store. For some other stores (like Costco and Safeway) the prices are slightly higher than what you’d pay in store. Delivery is free for your first order (see below for a coupon!) and about $5.99 after that. I thought I’d be adding $6 per week to my grocery bill, but I’ve actually saved money by sticking exactly to my list and avoiding impulse purchases. (Like, it’s embarrassing just how much I’ve saved by avoiding impulse purchases.)

USE CODE “onelovelylife” for free delivery + $10 off your first order ($35 order minimum)

PS – The first time I used Instacart, my delivery person told me that you can waive the optional service fee (usually about 10% of your delivery price) and instead tip your delivery person. I’ve done this every time since.

6. Blow Dry Mist & Air Dry Spray 

I outlined most of my favorite hair products in this post, but recently added this blow dry mist to my routine. I put it on towel-dried hair before blow-drying, along with my hair whip and a tiny bit of serum for my ends. The blow dry mist helps my hair dry faster (really!) while protecting it from the heat, and I really like what it’s doing to my hair!

For the air-dry option, I’ve been using the air dry spray on Sophie’s hair, and love that it adds a little bit of matte shine and texture to her hair as it dries. One of these days I’ll try it on myself, but in the meantime, it’s great for Sophie’s hair!

What do YOU love lately?
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  1. Love! The Kristin Ess stuff is now on my target list, along with that ON tee. I am always so grateful when people share what they love. Not everything may be my cup of tea but when “real people” and not just Amazon reviews recommend things I am always grateful.

  2. These are my favorite type of posts, I love all the curated suggestions and already have the stripped shirt in my Old Navy cart. Thanks for taking the time to put these together!

    1. Thank you so much! I love reading these kinds of posts on other peoples’ feeds! Hope you LOVE the shirt! I’ve been wearing both of mine weekly!

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